All-in-one purchasing,
all in policy

The platform that automates your spend without sacrificing control.

The future of spending works for everyone

Full visibility and control for finance teams, with a simplified employee experience. Smart, automated workflows that get your team the approval and data they need faster. Introduce a spend process that's more capable, more efficient and easier to use—for everyone.

Manage all spend in one place with speed, control and ease

Approve purchases before they happen

Control your spend and eliminate surprises with automated, policy-enforcing purchase workflows that collect approvals before a single dollar is spent.

Deliver an effortless employee experience

It’s so intuitive, they actually want to use it. Teampay integrates with your team's chat tools and gets employees what they need, when they need it—promoting easy adoption company-wide.

Automate your routine work

Put more of your brain power into driving business decisions. Let the software issue secure payment methods, reconcile purchases, create on-demand reports and handle your repetitive work for you.

Maximize productivity company-wide

Centralize all purchasing processes in one place. Minimize confusion and miscommunication. Make spending straightforward and seamless.

Track your spend in real time

Drive company impact by making up-to-the-minute analytics accessible to everyone. Deliver transparent, accurate reporting, any day of the month.

Get into the spend flow

Start powering your company's spend with proactive workflows and smart automations that keep everyone moving at the speed of business.

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One solution that covers everything, end to end
Because your purchasing platform should be able to do it all.

Simplify your company's spend into a single solution, designed to flow intuitively and seamlessly from request to report. All your spend and your data is all fully accessible and instantly visible—so you have everything you need to optimize like never before.

Teampay works with the tools you already use

Connect to a robust network of integrations and start streamlining your work.
"We went from a 90-100-page monthly AmEx statement to almost nothing now. Our big win has been getting employees off sharing corporate cards and onto Teampay."

John Chard
Finance at ConsenSys

Solutions that scale with your business

Keep your spend simplified and efficient, even across thousands of employees. Teampay's customizable workflow automations are designed to scale across regions and continents.

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Empower smarter decisions company-wide

Help your teams make faster, more confident financial decisions with real-time spend visibility and instant, accurate reports. Get a better look inside the software's key components.

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