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Meet the host

Peter Nesbitt is the COO at Teampay and a three-time head of finance at VC-backed SaaS startups. At each of the companies, he was instrumental in (re)building the tech stack, implementing new processes, and hiring and developing teams.

Peter is the co-founder of the FinOps Pavilion, a Steering Committee member for the NYC and LA chapters of the CFO Leadership Council, and regularly writes for Forbes on finance and ops topics.

Before he began his finance career at Deutsche Bank and Carlyle, he served in the US Army as an intelligence non-commissioned officer. He is a Georgetown School of Foreign Service alum and lives in LA with his wife.

Peter Nesbit, former COO at Teampay
Listen to Awkward Conversations

Finance pros are often forced to have uncomfortable conversations with employees in order to reconcile expenses. On this show, Teampay COO and host, Peter Nesbitt sits down with finance leaders to discuss their most awkward conversations, and what they’ve learned along throughout their careers.

Episode 1
What Happens in Vegas with Jack McCullough

Jack McCullough, President of the CFO Leadership Council, recalls the time one of his employees hired a sex worker to close a huge deal with a client.

Episode 2
The Metaverse OG with John Zdanowski

John Zdanowski, Co-Founder and CEO of BrightZen Systems, talks about his experience taking five companies from single digits to over $100 million in revenue.

Episode 3
Comedic Fraud with Greg Kyte

CPE comedian Greg Kyte discusses how he automates his day job so he can have more time to focus on what he loves—telling jokes about accounting.

Episode 4
The Intersection of Art and Finance with Nigel Glenday

Nigel Glenday, CFO of Masterworks, tells his story and sheds light on how to start investing in multi-million dollar paintings.

Episode 5
Checking All The Boxes with Naeem Ishaq

Naeem shares what it's like being the CFO at a fast growing tech company, Checkr, as well as his experience working at Square during it's IPO.

Episode 6
Planning Your Future Career in Finance with Dan Fletcher

Peter talks with Dan Fletcher about how he went from an accountant to a CFO, the types of conversations CFO's should be having with employees, as well as what it's like to leave a company and then come back to it.

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