Corporate Cards


Modern corporate cards with automated controls


The only purchasing software and integrated corporate cards designed with people in mind—what they need, when they need it, within the limits you set. Teampay’s powerful software instantly issues corporate cards that empower employees while keeping finance in control and in the loop.

The kingpin of corporate cardS

You stay in control. Your team purchases what they need.

  • Set specific limits on corporate cards, such as vendor and amount.
  • Issue virtual or physical cards for single or recurring use.
  • Keep expenses in check with immediate alerts for out-of-bounds spend.

“I think the product, and its focus on cards, has the potential to be the most monumental shifts I have seen in the AP process in my 20+ years of accounting.”

David Johnson

eXponential consulting

sports analogies GALORE!

Smart corporate cards that never miss a shot

  • Rules are established to route purchase requests to approvers based on requestor, vendor, category, dollar amount and more. 
  • Employees are guided through the purchasing process in Slack, Microsoft Teams or the Teampay web app, ensuring all spend is pre-approved before a purchase ever happens.
  • Managers approve or deny requests with the touch of a button, and the system instantly issues the correct corporate card for the employee to use.
  • Employees upload their receipt in Slack, Teams or the Teampaygo mobile app–no expense report needed. (Swish!)

a scoreboard for all your spend

View all company spend in one place, in real time

  • Enable all employees to access the data they need on-demand, without waiting on reports.


More features that would blow Louis Tully’s* mind

AP automation

Eliminate surprise invoices with automated approval workflows and full transparency at every step of the purchasing process, from invoice receipt to bill pay.

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Spend management

Stop wasting time tracking down receipts and trying to figure out who bought what, who approved it, and why. With spend management software, you see spend the moment it happens and reconcile it in real time, making month-end close a breeze.

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*Famous fictional accountant and one of our personal heroes. IYKYK

Reporting & analytics

The power of pivot tables without the spreadsheet. Teampay’s reporting makes it easy to get the cuts of data you need in an instant, without all the Excel wizardry.

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