13 Gifts to Get Your Accountants for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At work, this means company parties, year-end bonuses, and maybe even some time away from the office. The only thing standing between you and your beach vacation is finding gifts for your finance team. While this may feel more stressful than the impending year-end close, it doesn’t have to be! We put together a list of gift ideas that will make your accountants feel appreciated and motivated to take on the new year:

Personalized Stapler


It’s common to pick up someone else’s stapler in the moment you need one. Often, co-worker thievery isn’t intentional and staplers becomes collateral damage in the war of office supply attrition. With this, anyone who picks up YOUR stapler wouldn’t dare walk away without setting it back down. If they do, you know who to target with your newly acquired sharpies.

Document Dunk Basketball Hoop


A trash can basketball set (trashketball, maybe?) can be an enjoyable way to break up the monotony of the work day. It’s also a fun alternative to the office putt putt set, as not every accountant is an avid golf fan longing to grace the greens of Augusta National.

Desk Vacuum


Everyone snacks at work, and accountants are no exception. A desk vacuum can help them keep their space clean while still eating to their heart’s content. Make it Star Wars-themed so your accounts can show off that they’re better with numbers than a robot.

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    Office Mugs


    Like all employees, accountants will probably need coffee to keep them going. Make the trip to the breakroom more enjoyable with fun mugs that convey how your accountants really feel.

    USB Number Keypad


    These things are not only convenient, but they just look better. Instead of using the numbers that are crowded onto your computer’s native keyboard or double-tasking with your phone, wouldn’t you rather just have this handy little gadget? Of course you would, and so would your accountant.

    Tax Clock


    Has it been stated how chaotic tax time can be? Help your accountants out by throwing a tax accountant clock on the wall. Part time-keeper part novelty, the tax clock makes use of available surface area by showing permanent reminders about things like 1040s, 1099s, and W2s. Your accountant won’t need to dread April 15th again, as they can plan ahead and literally count the seconds leading up to its arrival.

    Money-Themed Apparel


    Accountants are the strategic gatekeepers of a company’s financial data–and that means money. Let them flaunt their financial prowess with money-themed apparel that won’t leave anyone guessing about your team’s important role in the organization.

    Blue Light Blocking Glasses


    Science says that blue light can be harmful to the eyes in large doses. Blue light blocking glasses help to protect a wearer’s eyes during long hours of screen staring. Don’t worry about sacrificing style points in the name of preserving long-term vision though, as your accountant can customize the frame size, shape, and color of their new shades.

    Cashflow for Kids


    Finance guru Robert Kiyosaki’s brain child “Cashflow” remains a classic in teaching financial strategies by way of board game. Traditionally thought of as a fun way for novices to learn, Cashflow can also serve as the centerpiece for office social night. Throw in a few prizes to get the creative and competitive juices flowing–and tell the competition to stick with Monopoly.

    Fake Mold Sandwich Bags


    It happened again. A coworker “unknowingly ate your sandwich.” It’s an easy mistake, because they obviously made their lunch the exact same way as you did and placed it in the exact same spot in the breakroom fridge. The fake mold sandwich bag wards off would-be snack thieves of the world. Just make sure there isn’t a fridge monitor that throws away all unclaimed items.

    Desk Plaques


    Make your accountants feel even more official with a custom plaque for their desk. There’s nothing like a piece of metal with their name on it to show your accountants that they are valued members of your organization and not just an army of nameless number-crunchers.

    Accessory Baskets


    Put together a basket of essentials, filled with everything from useful supplies (post-it notes, sharpies, binder tabs) to items for year-end close “survival” (Emergen-C, Advil, stress ball) to fun items (chocolate, scalp massager, desk trinkets). This will arm your accountants with things to help them do their job and show that you are in tune with the needs of your people.

    Giant Dry Erase Calendar


    Tracking goals, deadlines, and important dates are essential tasks that leave even the most stable of minds spinning. Accountants need to be able to stay on top of every date that impacts your company’s finances. This can include monthly closing periods, tax filing, federal or company holidays, payroll, and activity statements–as well as team happy hours and events that make the months a little brighter.