Automate and manage spend approvals, take control of your day

Teampay can save you hours each month by making procurement processes, payment reconciliation and spend management automated & easy. At last, you'll be able to focus your attention on the more strategic tasks and important activities within your company.

How Teampay Eliminates Spend Surprises & Increases Transparency

Teampay is the first purchasing & procurement software built for modern, technology-enabled businesses. Our products enable companies to request, approve and track expenditures in real-time. Teampay will save you hours of internal headaches & data reconciliation by making your organizations spend activity more transparent & efficient.

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    “Since we started using Teampay we've been able to stay on top of our employee spending without slowing down the business, and we save a lot of time every month that used to be spent herding cats to close the books.”
    Geoff Doempke
    VP Finance, Bouqs

The Spend Management Solution For Modern Teams

Arming teams with real time data, full control and automated reporting.

Real Time Data & Insights

Analytics reports show you exactly what's being spent within your company and where when using Teampay.

Slack Integration

Quickly respond to messages from Teampay over Slack to approve and reject spend requests within the company.

Manage Budget & Spend

Distribute single pay credit cards that offer you the ability to manage your budget more effectively and transparently.


How Will Teampay Help You WIth Procurement?

  • Automate, visualize and standardize the process for purchase reconciliation
  • Control and approve company spending without the paperwork
  • Unlock insights with centralized reporting by vendor, department, and account
  • No more issuing multiple credit cards to different departments & people
  • Improve accountability for who is making purchases and why
  • Real-time visibility as to what’s being spent and what it’s being spent on
  • No longer rely on spreadsheets to track subscriptions and credit card purchases