QuickBooks Disconnected

You've Disconnected QuickBooks

Teampay will no longer be able to sync your purchases, transfers, vendors, or accounts with QuickBooks.

Want to reconnect?

You can reconnect your QuickBooks account at any time by logging in on Teampay, navigating to the “Bank Accounts” page, and clicking “Connect to QuickBooks.”

After you’ve connected your account, you simply have to map your Teampay accounts to your QuickBooks accounts, and that’s it!

If you ran into any trouble with syncing your QuickBooks account, please contact us at support@teampay.co.




Reconcile Transfer and Purchase Data to QuickBooks in Realtime

Without ever leaving Slack you can:


  • Make purchase requests
  • Approve & reject purchase requests
  • Add Sales receipts
  • Give and receive virtual credit cards

Stay On Top Of Your Organization’s Spending

Always know who made what purchase, who approved it, and for what purpose. You can even get alerts for unusual activity. Say goodbye to hunting down mystery transactions at the end of every month.

Track Vendors & Subscriptions With Ease

Teampay keeps all of your vendors & subscriptions organized in one place. Highlight variances, detect new vendors and recurrences, flag duplicates, set reminders, and more. Ask us about virtual cards for employees.

Control Spending Before It Happens

Never go over budget again with transparent controls by user, department, vendor, office, and more.


Does Teampay only work with Slack?

No, we also have a web application.

Does Teampay only work with Quickbooks?

Nope. We also integrate NetSuite, and Intacct, and are currently testing Xero.

What banks does Teampay work with?

Chase, Bank of America, Silicon Valley Bank, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and hundreds more.

Does Teampay work outside the US?

eampay is not currently available outside the US.