Optimizing Your D2C Retail Spend in a Saturated Market

As direct-to-consumer brands eye long-term sustainable revenue growth, fierce competition and unpredictable market conditions can make it difficult to stay on track.

Staying ahead in a saturated market

We find that a key indicator of successful growth is having full visibility into company spend in real time. Without it, business leaders are forced to make vital decisions based on limited outdated information.

Listen to the on-demand recording to hear Greg Lopez, CFO and Peter Nesbitt, COO discuss the role finance plays in direct-to-consumer companies. Attendees will learn:

  • Tips on managing finance in direct-to-consumer companies 
  • Spending trends in the direct-to-consumer industry
  • How to stay agile in a saturated market 
  • How to gain transparency into company spend
Greg Lopez, CFO
Peter Nesbitt, COO

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