The 3 Pillars of a Future-Proof Finance Function

Peter Nesbitt, VP of Finance at Teampay, Joe Garafalo, Mosaic COO and Co-Founder at Mosaic, and Temi Vasco, Controller at Gem Software, discuss strategies for setting up people, processes, and technology to future-proof finance operations.

Future-proofing your financial operations

Transforming finance operations isn’t just about automating back office tasks (though that’s an important piece). When you build your people, processes, and technology around those principles, you better position your finance function to be an agile and strategic business partner. Attendees of the live webinar are eligible for 1 CPE credit.*

You will learn how to: 

  • What roadblocks typically keep finance from maximizing strategic value
  • How to hire and upskill talent in a forward-looking finance function
  • How to build finance processes and workflows for agility and scalability
  • How to take advantage of emerging technologies to future-proof financial operations

*Only attendees who join the live webinar for at least 50 minutes are eligible for CPE credit. Those who join live for less than 50 minutes or watch the webinar on-demand will not receive CPE credit.

  • CPE Credit: 1.0 Credit
  • Field of Study: Finance
  • Prerequisites: None. No advanced preparation needed.
  • Program Level: Basic
  • Delivery Method: Group Internet Based

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