The Future of Finance is Human-Centered

Are you tired of chasing down receipts, reopening last month’s books, or having awkward conversations with employees to reconcile expenses? Your purchasing process may be to blame. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to take a human-centered approach to finance—and work with employees to solve your biggest pain points. Only attendees of the live webinar are eligible for 1 CPE credit.*

It’s time to design a purchasing process that works for all employees

Most employees who make business purchases day-to-day aren’t accounting experts. 1 in 4 finance professionals struggle with ensuring employee spend is within the policy. To ensure compliance with company policy, the purchasing experience should be as easy as possible—from request, to purchase, to receipt upload. By putting the users at the forefront of our purchasing process design, you can eliminate manual work and make it easier for finance to reconcile expenses each month.

Learning Objectives:

  • List the three key factors that changed the way businesses spend money
  • Define empathy through the lens of human-centered design
  • Leverage three human-centered finance insights to create a seamless purchasing process
  • Connect the dots between employees’ purchasing pain points and finance’s biggest challenges  
*Only attendees who join the live webinar for at least 50 minutes are eligible for CPE credit. Those who join live for less than 50 minutes or watch the webinar on-demand will not receive CPE credit.

Robyn Wertman, Controller
Tanya Firdman, Director Sales Engineering

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