Agile Finance Summit

Let’s get agile!

Corporate finance and operations professionals are responsible not only for overseeing company money day-to-day, but also developing a financial strategy that will ensure the long-term health of the business. In times of change, finance teams must develop an intelligent and well-thought out plan to successfully navigate the rough waters ahead, while still acting quickly and decisively.

In other words, finance needs to be agile. Modern technologies have changed operational finance from reactive number crunchers and CF‘No’s to strategic partners with valuable insights to share.

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Keynote: Readying for Agile, High-Performance Finance

Join our esteemed panel of CFOs and Controllers as we discuss the path to getting back on track to delivering high-performance finance and setting the stage for our eventual recovery.

  • Discover what organizations are doing to streamline and maintain operations right now.
  • Learn how finance has adapted revenue, budgets, and spending expectations.
  • Identify which indicators should be considered for establishing a return to growth/expansion mindset.

Turning Company Costs into Assets

Join this workshop with Scott Case, founding CTO of Priceline and current CEO and Co-founder of Upside Business Travel.

  • Scott will help you get outside of your comfort zone and flip your view on costs on its head.
  • Dare to think about cost centers creatively and turn them into revenue drivers.

Driving Agility with Real-time Visibility and Employee Empowerment

Temi Vasco, Controller at Gem, will share how improving her team’s agility allows them to spend less time on manual work and more time thinking strategically.

  • Understand how maintaining control and visibility facilitates better, faster decision making.
  • Empower employees with smart, policy-driven access to company money that ensures compliance without friction.
  • Partner with other departments to reach your goals and collaborate on budgets and forecasts.
  • Effective Remote Communication and Management

    As the future of the office remains uncertain, businesses must optimize their remote operations.

  • Learn new ways to keep your teams engaged while remote.
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently.
  • Develop a home office culture that supports your distributed team.
  • Boost Your Cash Flow: How to Better Manage, Predict, and Collect Cash

    With business uncertainty at an all-time high, accurate cash flow has become more pertinent than ever before. Join Carlos Vega, Tesorio’s CEO to learn:

  • How to proactively and more accurately manage cash flow.
  • How to evolve processes and reporting to respond to market volatility.
  • Best practices for maintaining an agile Credit & Collections process.
  • Automate Tax Compliance to Achieve Financial Agility

    By automating tax compliance, finance teams can ensure that they abide by the necessary regulations, without human error.

  • Understand typical steps businesses should consider for sales tax compliance.
  • Learn about the impact of new sales tax legislation.
  • Find one solution to calculate rates, prepare returns, and manage documents.
  • Best Practices for the Month-End Close for Remote Teams

    Conducting month-end close remotely adds an additional layer of challenges to an already complex process.

  • Improve team efficiency by connecting your people, process, documents, and reconciliations.
  • Leverage the unique strengths of a multi-generational workplace with cloud-based tools.
  • Take advantage of new technologies that offer extraordinary efficiency gains.
  • Spend smarter, not harder

    Try the intuitive software built to simplify spend and scale with you.

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