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Simplify your spend
throughout every stage

Teampay's intuitive design scales with you—with integrations and automations that meet your growing needs.
Easy to use, easy to implement—it works the way your teams work

Teampay integrates with the tools your teams use and makes purchasing as easy as having a conversation. Adoption and compliance are seamless—no training or onboarding needed. Set your policy in self-enforcing workflows, then Teampay automations start boosting productivity right away.

Maximize efficiency, despite growing complexity

Whether you're adding new subsidiaries, expanding internationally, upgrading your ERP or preparing to go public, Teampay has the tools you need to ensure your finances stay under control along the way.

Easily control costs across your distributed organization

Teampay is designed to help you manage spend across all types of employees—whether they're in the office, working remote, or working abroad—and you can even onboard contractors and freelancers. Apply the same rules across the board or customize down to the department or individual level to accommodate unique needs across your organization.

One place to go for comprehensive, real-time reporting

Get all your employees and business entities on the same system and capture all spend in one place. Data is accessible company-wide and auto-populates as transactions happen, so any manager can get full visibility into how they're tracking against budgets without having to bug finance for the actuals.

Enterprise-grade protection and security

You, your data and your company are safe. We’re uncompromising in meeting industry-leading security standards. Teampay is PCI DSS compliant as a service provider (SAQ-D) and has completed a SOC 1 and SOC 2 services audit.

"We are growing, and we don’t want it to take three weeks to buy a pen, but we can’t just let people buy whatever they want. Teampay is a great option to make purchases quickly with streamlined approval and accounting software integration."
Hilla Hoitash, Finance Operations (Former) at Formlabs

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