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Access up-to-the-minute data, anytime

Connect Netsuite to Teampay to get more out of your purchasing software.

Enable automatic reconciliation and two-way syncing

Transactions are automatically reconciled into NetSuite the moment they happen and are kept up-to-date with two-way sync. Any changes you make to one system will instantly reflect into the other. With real-time insights, you don't have to wait for expense reports—you can see exactly where you stand at anytime.

Make important information accessible to everyone

Integrating Teampay and Netsuite means more data visibility for your whole company. Employees can easily see how much is left on a PO and get updates on their outstanding invoices and bills for vendors without reaching out to finance.

Teampay is "Built for NetSuite"

Teampay is a proud holder of the BFN Badge. “Built for NetSuite” is a NetSuite initiative to provide quality SuiteApps to NetSuite customers. The badge recognizes SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) Partner solutions that meet the same level of standards for security, data privacy and overall quality as the solutions offered by NetSuite.

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3/21/2022 8:51 pm
The integration between Teampay and NetSuite is nearly flawless, and we rarely need support. The Slack interface works great for new purchase requests and approvals. Our accounting/finance team has really learned to appreciate how Teampay automates a wide variety of purchases, especially repetitive small purchases that are so common now with the widespread use of SaaS products. Teampay's virtual cards and integration with NetSuite help us close our books faster. It significantly improves our internal expense reporting timing and accuracy. We consider Teampay an essential part of our accounting and financial application stack.
Convenient and Confidence-Inspiring
3/21/2022 8:51 pm
Teampay is a very valuable tool in our finance and accounting tech stack here at Away. With the Teampay platform, we are able to effectively and efficiently manage employee spend, approval workflows, and expense classification. Through the up-front controls and the online platforms, our team has the peace of mind that employee spending is within company guidelines, our expenditure appetite, and aligned with our operational plans. The integration with NetSuite takes all of this to the next level, with automatic posting and clearing against our banking products. We're very pleased with this platform and with the customer service offered by the Teampay team.
Great platform that provide convenient solutions for the team
3/22/2022 7:31 am
With many platforms on the market, Teampay's function is very unique. It provides an approval steam line that simplifies finance needs. Once all connectivity is live, the platform operates quite smoothly. The support team is always looking out for a solution to adjust to any business needs. 

The automatic process is a great and efficient method for companies of all sizes, since the support team will tailor the platform to fit your needs. Great feedback from end users, as it is user-friendly.

Connect Netsuite to Teampay

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