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Enable instant, automatic reconciliation

Connect QuickBooks Online to Teampay to get more out of your purchasing software.

Effortlessly keep track of purchases

No more tracking down mystery purchases. Unique cards are tied to specific purchase requests, so you can easily stay on top of who bought what and why.

QuickBooks screenshot of the integration with teampay
Screenshot of the teampay integration with QuickBooks automatic reconciliation

Transactions automatically reconcile into QBO

Transactions reconcile the moment they happen. Teampay syncs across both systems, so any edits you make in one will instantly reflect in the other. This means you can work where you feel more comfortable and know the general ledger is accurate.

Get clear, accurate insight into current spend

When transactions are coded upfront and reconcile automatically, you can get a clear, up-to-the-minute view of your spend anytime. Teampay instantly populates a dashboard of reports for anytime insights into how you're tracking.

Teampay icons with a padlock in the middle to show the security that comes with the integration with QuickBooks
Before Teampay we were constantly trying to figure out who ordered what on our corporate cards, and never remembered to stop paying for subscriptions when people left. This service was so easy to set up and use, especially with the real-time QuickBooks integration that always keeps my books in sync.

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Connect QuickBooks Online to Teampay

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