An invoice cycle that runs itself

Automated invoice processing and purchase order matching, routing for approval and payment, full visibility into POs, bills and payments—it’s all powered by Teampay.

Automate data entry, digitize audit trails, reduce risk

Get earlier, more accurate visibility into your AP

Because all purchases are pre-approved, you get more visibility into your invoiced spend, faster.

Your invoice data: scanned, synced, delivered

Teampay uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically scan invoice data, so all you have to do is review and approve.

Pay bills in a click, no matter the method

Create and pay bills via ACH, virtual card, check or wire—and update purchase order status in either Teampay or your ERP. Your changes sync automatically across systems.

Get Teampay on your team

Go from set-up to increased productivity in a matter of days.
More accuracy and more efficiency

Accounts payable automations help you move faster while keeping your reporting accurate.

Teampay enables approvals and matches invoices

Effortlessly match invoices to existing purchase orders in an instant with the software's smart matching technology—or quickly create a new purchase order in Teampay.

Purchase history, at your fingertips

Get more context on purchases whenever you need it with accessible activity history and purchase order notes.

Full invoice visibility, across all departments

Allow managers and employees to view the status of their purchase orders and invoices—including bill payments and partial closes, payment status and more, reducing the back and forth between teams.

Pay bills and sync payment records instantly

Make payments directly through Teampay via ACH, virtual card, check or wire. Your payment records sync instantly to your accounting and Teampay system so you can track invoice and payment statuses anywhere.

Teampay works with the tools you already use

Connect to a robust network of integrations and start streamlining your work.
We’ve saved thousands of dollars. My team is focused on making sure every dollar spent is a good dollar spent, so when we have the technology to do that in a way that empowers employees, it’s a win-win.

Rebecca Chapman, Accounting Manager at Parsley Health

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Transform your traditional invoice workflow

Automatic PO matching, more efficient bill pay—see what a faster, more intelligent workflow looks like with a step-by-step view of the Invoice Processing Workflow.

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Spend smarter, not harder

Try the intuitive software built to simplify spend and scale with you.

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