Upfront purchase approvals and compliance—it's all built-in

Help your teams spend faster with self-enforcing purchase workflows that prompt pre-approval on all spend upfront. No expense reports, no surprises.

Seamless spending, maximum control, secure payments

Teampay guides the employee purchasing process

Employees request purchase approval through Slack, Teams or the Teampay web app—so you don't get a DM every time a team member needs to buy something.

Customize your built-in spend policy to work harder for you

Teampay automatically enforces the rules you set up—and you can get specific, routing requests to the right person to take specific actions. If a certain type of purchase needs multiple approvers, or you want to route approvals differently for certain teams or vendors, Teampay can make it happen.

Approve all purchases before they happen

Teampay eliminates mystery purchases, giving you full control over your company's spend activity. All transactions route to the appropriate approver, or you can set certain in-policy transactions to auto-approve, giving the finance team the ability to scale their involvement.

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Go from set-up to increased productivity in a matter of days.
Now this is spend efficiency

Empower efficient purchasing while keeping your tasks simplified.

Get alerts for out-of-policy purchase requests

If a purchase request doesn't comply with policy, Teampay declines the transaction and notifies the approver.

Issue secure custom payment methods instantly

Tie payment methods to pre-approved vendors, amounts and service periods to prevent unauthorized spending, zombie subscriptions and fraud.

All your purchase data is collected along the way

Employees code transactions as they happen through the workflow. Once transactions are complete, they automatically reconcile in your general ledger—no expense reports necessary.

Teampay icons with a padlock in the middle to show the security that comes with the integration with QuickBooks

Teampay works with the tools you already use

Connect to a robust network of integrations and start streamlining your work.
Teampay ensures all our employees adhere to policy, attach receipts, and use the correct codes. Our employees get everything done for their purchases right away and don’t have to deal with expense reports. And that’s a great thing for us accountants because we can’t stand paper.

Brenda Villanueva, Senior Accounts Payable Specialist at One Medical

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Get employees what they need—fast and in-policy. See what an automated, accelerated approval process looks like, with a step-by-step view of the Purchase Approval Workflow.

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Streamline everything you’ve got on your plate. Teampay helps accountants and controllers automate invoice processing, view key metrics real-time and more.

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