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All-in-one spend management with controls built-in

Optimize spend like never before with software that enforces your policy upfront and enables you to manage everything in one place.

Capture all spend in one place with a fast, easy purchasing experience employees actually use

Designed for company-wide adoption and compliance

Teampay leads with a simple purchasing experience for employees and enforces policy automatically as team members request funds, making it easy for everyone in the company to onboard with Teampay and follow processes without any training.

Make stronger business decisions with real-time visibility

Because all spend happens in one place, your data is always accurate and updated in real time. Having full visibility into company spend allows you and your employees to make better, more informed decisions based on the most complete, current information.

Adapt to a changing market with agility and ease

Teampay’s intuitive policy engine makes it easy to make changes to your rules and adjust the trajectory of your company spending—so you can adapt easily to changing market and economic conditions without slowing down to train everyone on the new policy.

Get Teampay on your team

Go from set-up to increased productivity in a matter of days.
Get more out of your finance software

Teampay promotes efficiency across every touchpoint, end-to-end.

Empower efficient spending, all under full control

Teampay’s proactive spending controls and built-in policy enforcement free companies up to spend quickly without worrying about card sharing or mystery purchases. Finance teams save time, letting Teampay enforce rules for them.

Capture spend data instantly as transactions happen

Teampay codes spend data upfront, as team members get approval for purchases. Transaction data automatically populates into your reporting dashboard, so you can access real-time insights whenever you need.

Leave your routine work to Teampay

Teampay automates purchase data collection and reconciliation and captures audit trails of all spend conversations in one place, so if you need context into a particular purchase, you don’t have to spend time chasing it down.

Spend management designed to help you save money

For a lot of solutions out there, the more your company spends, the more money the spend management provider makes.
Teampay's business is centered around delivering quality software that helps you control spend and encourage more proactive, compliant employee spend behavior.

Teampay works with the tools you already use

Connect to a robust network of integrations and start streamlining your work.
We count on Teampay to approve, issue virtual cards, code, collect receipts, track spending and reconcile data in real-time! It has proper controls and promotes efficiency, saving my team countless hours and boosting productivity across the board. This is one of the best investments we’ve made!

Linh Doan, Controller at Zumper

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