📣  Teampay Acquired by Paystand: Transforming B2B Payments for Businesses Together 📣

Harness the full power of looking ahead

Go from retroactive spend discussions to informed planning and forecasting with real-time financial visibility.
Onboard a spend process that everyone is on board with

Teampay centralizes all non-payroll spend in one place, making tracking and forecasting a breeze for finance. And by offering an unrivaled UI for employees, Teampay streamlines their purchasing process too—driving adoption, compliance and efficiency across the board.

Level up reporting and forecasting with cleaner, more accurate data

All transactions and payments are automatically coded and instantly reconciled to your ERP. See a real-time view in your reporting dashboard anytime—so you and your team can make smarter business decisions based on the latest reports and forecasts.

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Maintain complete, upfront control over spend

Teampay’s policy engine makes it easy to set rules upfront and help employees make better spending decisions in the moment. As business needs and market conditions change, you can update the rules and begin enforcing them instantly with just a few clicks.

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“We went from a 90-100-page monthly AmEx statement to almost nothing now. Our big win has been getting employees off sharing corporate cards and onto Teampay.”
- John Chard, Finance at Consensys

Activate automations and free up time for strategic thinking

Save money and increase productivity with smart automations that put the "flow" into spend flow. Teampay takes care of repetitive, low-value tasks so you can focus on growing your department and your company.

Designed to scale as your business grows

A growing business means growing spend. Teampay is designed to adapt to your changing needs without adding complexity to your work. So you and your team can stay quick and agile at every stage.

Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to maintain

Simplify spending for both finance teams and employees. Teampay's workflows and automations are designed to provide an intuitive purchasing process for everyone. It works the way people work—so you can introduce Teampay into your company without conducting time-consuming training or getting IT involved.

Simplify your day job

It’s quick and easy to get Teampay on your team.
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