Accountability. Control.

Teampay is software that helps modern businesses request, approve and track purchasing in real-time.

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“ …features that will make every CFO swoon… ”

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Top-down control for bottoms-up purchasing.


Provide accountability

Always know who made what purchase, who approved it, and for what purpose. You can even get alerts for unusual activity. Say goodbye to hunting down mystery transactions at the end of every month.


Automatically track vendors

Teampay keeps all of your vendors & subscriptions organized in one place.

Highlight variances, detect new vendors and recurrences, flag duplicates, set reminders, and more.

Enterprise-grade Features

Multiple Payment Types

Teampay can issue virtual or physical cards limited by amount, recurring, or cumulative. Teampay can also issue lightweight Purchase Orders for your payments made on invoice.

Mobile Ready

You have quick access to Teampay on-the-go with your phone or tablet, and through our Slack integration you can make, approve and keep track of purchases from anywhere.

Bank-level Security

We use 256-bit TLS encryption to keep all of your data safe in transit. We never store card numbers. We're PCI-DSS compliant, the official security standard of Visa and MasterCard.

Everything you need to get started

Approve from anywhere (Mobile, Web, and Slack)

Track variances

Receipt/invoice capture (on the go)

Assign users to departments/groups

Real time alerts

Automated, real-time reconciliation

Import accounts & find vendors

Accounting integrations

Intuitive Reporting Dashboard

Complex approval routing

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    “We can count on Teampay to request, approve, give virtual credit cards to employees, code, collect receipts, track spending and reconcile accurate data in real time! In addition, the platform has proper controls and promotes efficiency saving my team countless hours and increasing their productivity across the board. This is one of the best investments that the company has purchased to date!”
    Linh Doan
    Controller, Zumper
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    “This takes away multiple pain points. I have found that you either can have a good approval process but it's difficult to pay, or a weak/no approval with easy payment — Teampay solves both!”
    Craig VonDemfange
    Head of Finance & Controller, Modria
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    “Since we started using Teampay we've been able to stay on top of our employee spending without slowing down the business, and we save a lot of time every month that used to be spent herding cats to close the books.”
    Geoff Doempke
    VP Finance, Bouqs
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    “Teampay saved us money by capping a runaway ad campaign, and now our team is addicted. We canceled our order for more corporate cards.”
    Simon Rakosi
    Co-Founder —
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    “Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.”
    Benjamin Franklin
    Co-Founder — United States of America
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    “This is awesome! Everything is reconciled for me in real-time, and no longer is my team chasing down receipts and categorizing charges at the end of every month. Everyone wins.”
    Sam Gharegozlou
    COO, Axiom Zen

Pricing Plans

Every month we save our customers days of employee time. Our pricing plans start at a fraction of the cost of a centralized purchasing department.

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