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Human-Centered Finance Workbook

Are you tired of chasing down receipts, reopening last month’s books, or having awkward conversations with employees to reconcile expenses? Your purchasing process may be to blame.

It’s time to design a purchasing process that works for all employees

Most employees who make business purchases day-to-day aren’t accounting experts. If you want them to comply with company policies, you need to make their spending experience as easy as possible—from request, to purchase, to receipt upload. By putting the users at the forefront of our purchasing process design, we’re eliminating manual work and making it easier for finance to reconcile expenses each month.

Download our Human-Centered Finance workbook to:

  • Understand why business purchasing needs have changed
  • Practice adopting a people-first mindset with your finance team
  • Learn how to apply human-centered design principles to your purchasing process
  • Empathize with non-finance employees at your organization
  • Visualize your purchasing journey from a non-finance employee’s perspective
  • Connect the dots between flaws in the employee purchasing process and your finance team’s roadblocks

Download the exercises:

Exercise 1: Empathizing with employees

Exercise 2: Mapping the employee purchasing journey

Exercise 3: Identifying pain points

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