📣  Teampay Acquired by Paystand: Transforming B2B Payments for Businesses Together 📣

Accounting made frictionless, efficient and transparent

Connect every aspect of company spend into one place and have full financial visibility as smart automations guide data from request to reconciliation.
Enjoy faster, more accurate invoice processing

Teampay uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically enter invoice details and match invoices to existing purchase orders. So all you have to do is to review and accept. If you need to make a quick edit, that's easy too.

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Capture all purchase conversations and access them anytime

All the sidebar conversations that typically happen over email or chat are recorded in the corresponding purchase request using Teampay's collaboration tool, so you always know who approved what and why.

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Ensure full compliance with a controlled purchase process

Set your rules once—Teampay ensures purchases are pre-approved and in-policy from there. Teampay automatically codes transactions as purchases happen then prompts employees to upload a receipt. Save time with no manual data entry and no more chasing down receipts.

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Do More, With Less

Try the intuitive software built to simplify spend and scale with your growing needs.
Know your costs in seconds with automated reconciliation

In Teampay, transactions reconcile instantly—no expense reports necessary and with no shared cards, you don’t spend time tracking down mystery purchases. Save hours of manual work and close your books fast, anytime.

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Access important data instantly with real-time reports

Your reports immediately update as purchases happen, so you can see how you’re tracking anytime. Managers and employees get full visibility into their data too—so you don’t have to pull actuals versus budget reports for them.

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“Our approval time has been reduced to seconds! The accounting team saves a significant amount of time on transaction entry. The transactions appear pre-approved, pre-coded... It’s like magic!”
- Masha Murphy, Controller at RiskIQ (acquired by Microsoft)

Maximize spend efficiency, while maintaining full control

Approve every dollar before it's spent. Upfront approvals are built into the spend process, so there are no surprise purchases.

Centralize all spending into one streamlined place

In-person purchases with physical cards, recurring or one-time use virtual cards, bill payments on invoiced spend—every transaction is captured right into Teampay.

Spend more time on the work that matters

Automate your repetitive, routine tasks and create more space in your day to focus on the bigger-picture stuff.

Simplify your day job

It’s quick and easy to get Teampay on your team.
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