📣  Teampay Acquired by Paystand: Transforming B2B Payments for Businesses Together 📣

More vendor visibility and control for procurement managers

Optimize costs across your entire portfolio of vendors with accessible, user-friendly analytics.
Automate policy enforcement, prioritize preferred vendors

Teampay’s automated workflow helps control purchasing upfront, enforcing policy and directing employees to preferred vendors before a single dollar is spent.

Stronger vendor hygiene, more profitable business

Teampay imports your chart of accounts from your accounting system so transactions are reconciled correctly with your vendor list. Eliminate duplicative and misspelled vendor names for cleaner, clearer data.

Leverage up-to-date vendor data and on-demand reports

Your data updates as transactions happen, so you can quickly see reports on vendor spend in the Teampay dashboard or export spend data by vendor for deeper analysis.

“Our employees love using it! It simplifies the procurement and approval process for them, makes sure they get what they need quickly."
- Geoffrey Doempke, VP of Finance at The Bouqs Company

All-in-one spend means more control for you

Teampay integrates the tools your team uses across every stage of the spend process, capturing all spend in a single tool and delivering more accurate, up-to-date visibility into the data you need.

Easy to set-up, easy to use, easy to manage

Teampay's workflows and automations are designed to drive and guide an intuitive spend process. It works the way people work—which means easy implementation, no training necessary.

Spend more time on the work that matters

Automate your repetitive, routine tasks and create more space in your day to focus on the bigger-picture stuff.

Simplify your day job

It’s quick and easy to get Teampay on your team.
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