Run your entire spend flow on Teampay—from request to report

Automate the repetitive, manual tasks and empower your team to focus on the work that matters.
Enjoy frictionless purchasing with built-in upfront approval

Teampay's Purchase Assistant guides the employee experience, coding transactions in real-time, collecting approval on every purchase, then instantly issuing secure payment. Customize your purchasing rules and approval workflow to be as simple or granular as you need, then let our policy engine automatically enforce it for you.

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Automate your AP and start saving time and money instantly

Put your manual work on auto-pilot with AP and accounting automations. Invoice matching, transaction coding and reconciliation synced to your accounting system—Teampay saves you hours of time every month.

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Watch your data populate reporting dashboards instantly

Get real-time visibility into how you're tracking with an up-to-the-minute reporting dashboard and drive informed business decisions. Teampay saves finance teams time by making relevant spend data accessible to anyone. Employees and managers can view reports on their spend or budget versus actuals anytime.

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For Finance

Teampay allows you to set your policy, then enjoy effortless compliance as the workflows and automations enforce rules and reconcile transactions.

For Employees

Getting funds, reporting transaction details and uploading receipts is simple and convenient. Teampay's Purchase Assistant makes the purchase process user-friendly.

For Managers

With real-time data and an accessible reporting dashboard, managers can approve or deny purchase requests with a simple click and access real-time reports on their team's budget vs. actuals, whenever they need it.

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"The accounting team has been able to save a significant amount of time on transaction entry, transactions appear pre-approved, pre-coded in Intacct when we sync them and no additional work is needed. It's like magic!"

Masha Murphy
Controller at RiskIQ


Real-time data visibility and accessibility company-wide, anytime

0 hrs

Company training time needed thanks to intuitive, easy-to-use workflows


Employees are nearly 2x as likely to follow expense report protocols with Teampay

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