January 23, 2024

Teampay Reports Customers Saving an Average of 7.67% by Using Its Expense Management Platform

NEW YORK, January 23, 2024 – Teampay, which provides industry-leading expense management software for small- and medium-sized businesses, today announced it saves customers an average of 7.67% on company expenses. These savings were based on an analysis of full-year 2023 customer spend and purchase request data. 

“This 7.67% savings represents calculations from ‘spend’ alone,” said Dustin Renn, Teampay CEO. “We’ve seen competitors factor more subjective data points, such as time savings, into their cost savings estimates. While Teampay helps customers save time by eliminating manual expense work, we’re proud of the monetary return on investment (ROI) we provide for our customers.”

Teampay’s employee-first platform ensures that savings don’t come at the expense of user experience. Employees can make purchase requests using the company’s web app or Teampay integrations with Slack or Microsoft Teams. Teampay’s Microsoft Teams integration is the first of its kind, further enabling employees to make purchase requests using tools they are already using. 

“We're excited to continue helping small- and medium-sized businesses transform their finance operations for the better, including adding back to their bottom line,” Renn said.

About Teampay 

Teampay’s award-winning platform helps larger SMBs and middle-market businesses across industries manage expenses. By streamlining the purchase process across virtual and physical cards, invoices, and reimbursements, Teampay makes company purchases easy for employees and finance teams alike. To learn more about the company, see For inquiries, please contact

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