February 11, 2021
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Leading Partnerships in the Spend Ecosystem

The corporate finance technology ecosystem is vast. Teampay delivers value to our customers by partnering with the best. Our partners comprise three categories: Issuer, Technology, and Consulting. Our Issuer Partners help clients leverage their existing credit lines with the added controls of Teampay, our Technology Partners provide our clients with integrations and additional solutions to their corporate finance needs, and our consulting partners share best practices with our mutual customers.

Teampay has worked tirelessly to build a value-based partner ecosystem that benefits our partners, ourselves, and most importantly, our shared customers. Our software scales with our customers. No matter the size of your organization, we have the right partners in place to grow with you. We use a combination of referral programs, events, and sales enablement tools to create the strong partner network that we’re known for.

But don’t take our word for it. We spoke with two of our trusted partners - Nader Ktait, Global Treasury and Payments Advisor at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), and Brandon White, Alliance Manager at Tipalti - about their experiences working with Teampay.

Can you tell me a little bit about your role and company?

Nader Ktait: I’m a Global Treasury and Payments Advisor at SVB. My job is to provide recommendations and advice to our clients on what products SVB offers as well as how to leverage those products and solutions in the best way. I collaborate with Teampay to offer a spend management solution to SVB clients who are looking to gain complete control and real-time visibility into their spend.

Brandon White: As an Alliance Manager at Tipalti, my role is to drive our business development efforts. I work with Teampay to proactively identify potential co-sell opportunities and solve problems for clients and prospects. This requires bi-directional coordination across sales, marketing and occasionally product teams in our organizations. I really enjoy the challenge of wearing many hats. My main goal is to make sure we maximize the flow of business between our organizations.

How does your partnership strategy contribute to business growth?

BW: We focus on servicing companies with near limitless scalability, who are set on maximizing efficiencies as they grow. And so is Teampay. Together, we are able to present our solutions in a unified front that solves broader procure-to-pay requirements. The partnership enables us to solve the most challenging problems finance teams face and win business with companies that might otherwise look to P2P players to address their needs.

NK: Our clients need scalable solutions. Most of our clients are tech companies that are growing at an exponential rate. They need us to help them address pain points and gaps so that they can continue growing without being hindered by the manual finance processes. Our relationships with our partners allow us to provide value to our clients across multiple functions, so we can be there for our clients at every stage of their growth.

How has Teampay provided value to your client portfolio?

BW: Often clients and prospects will come to Tipalti to solve a broad set of needs within their financial operations. In many cases, automating vendor management, invoice processing, and international payments are only a portion of what they’re solving for. What about everything that happens before those processes? We look to Teampay to present a unified benefit to the customer. Teampay enables Tipalti (and vice versa) to be a one stop shop for true finance transformation. Our partnership thrives because we are both best-of-breed solutions for our respective functions: Global Payables Automation and Spend Management.

NK: Teampay’s distributed spend management platform automates the entire purchasing process, from request to reconciliation - and does it in an innovative, easy-to-use way. The software doesn’t just automate expense management, but takes it a step further, offering a complete spend management solution that eliminates expense reports all together. The Slack integration especially makes the experience seem so natural - no bank today has a solution like it! Our direct integration with Teampay allows our customers to issue corporate credit cards with controls, while still benefiting from their SVB rewards program. Our customers are beyond excited when we tell them about Teampay.

What do you value most in your partnership with Teampay?

NK: The collaboration that SVB and Teampay have is very unique. The partnership team at Teampay takes a hands-on approach to equipping my colleagues and I with the tools we need to communicate value to clients. I’ve been able to explore our clients’ pain points and identify how our integration with Teampay can meet their needs, as well as anticipate potential future challenges if they don’t invest in scalable finance technologies.

BW: There are so many aspects of the partnership that I value, but I’ll try to constrain myself here. Both Teampay and Tipalti have a strong drive to make the day-to-day lives of the finance team better. It is part of our organizations’ DNA to focus on maximizing efficiency and enabling growth, while enhancing controls and visibility for finance functions. The continuity of both Tipalti and Teampay’s finance-centric culture allows us to work together to add value to our clients and prospective clients. We are able to present a unified front to help finance teams succeed in their missions.

How does partnering with Teampay to hold events benefit your company?

BW: Events with Teampay are some of our most popular, particularly in terms of relevance to our target audience. We both target mid-market high growth companies that understand the value of automating their finance finance functions to boost efficiency and controls. We are fortunate to have many joint clients, who present on event panels and convey their success stories from using our solutions in tandem. The events allow us to bring awareness to each other’s client base that our partnership can drive further advances in finance transformation, which sets the stage for value-based cross-selling.

NK: We regularly host events with Teampay that showcase the many benefits of our integration. Through fireside chats and industry panels, we are able to communicate how SVB continues to immerse itself in the fintech space in order to find the best ways to service our clients. These events not only help us tell our story, but also allow our clients to feel like they’re a part of the innovation that’s happening in the fintech space.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to organizations looking to partner with fintech companies?

NK: Don’t hesitate to learn more and hop on some demos. There’s a lot of good technology out there. These fintechs are raising the money they’re raising for a reason: there’s real value in what they’re doing and building. And this is only the beginning. If you can help your customers take advantage of these platforms now, they will be better positioned to scale their organization in the future.

BW: In nearly every customer interaction, I like to lead with the question “How can I add value?” If you are considering a partnership, using this inquiry as your North Star will help you quickly identify the benefits and determine if the relationship makes sense. You can also apply this to the functional and technical aspects of your respective products or services to find gaps and solve problems for each other. Clearly define the value-proposition of the partnership and teach each other’s teams on how to leverage it effectively. The benefits of a value-based partnership flow organically so that everybody wins!

About Tipalti

Tipalti automates the finance team’s most time consuming process, Accounts Payables. We take a holistic end-to-end approach to AP Automation that encompasses Vendor Management, OCR driven Invoice Processing, Global Payments and Reconciliation into your accounting platform.

About SVB

For more than 35 years, SVB has helped innovators and their investors move bold ideas forward fast. Today, we provide a range of banking services to companies of all sizes in innovation centers around the world.  

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