Manage the finance process intelligently, end-to-end

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Transactions are automatically coded and synced

Teampay's pre-approval workflows help you stay on top of spend. As employees request funds, transaction data syncs to your accounting system in real-time, ensuring error-free data. Quickly identify trends and spend patterns in Teampay without having to pull reports.

Track vendors and subscriptions in one simple place

Teampay ensures your vendor data is clean by suggesting the correct vendor from your Workday vendor list as employees make requests. Teampay can also highlight variances, recognize new and recurring vendors, flag duplicates, set reminders and more.

Proactive controls are built right in

Teampay guides employees through the purchasing process, enforcing policy automatically. Teampay's policy engine is user-friendly and nimble so you can adjust policy whenever you need. Customizable controls on cards allow you to limit spend by user, department, vendor and office.

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