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Spend Management 101: The Ultimate Buyer’s Handbook

Get a comprehensive overview of what it means to shift your organization to a spend management model, and the specific requirements you should look for in a spend management software provider.

Spend management: the latest finance buzzword

Today it seems like every financial software provider is using the term “spend management” to promote their offerings. But not all software is created equal. Our guide helps you make sense of the complicated landscape and offers a blueprint for evaluating potential vendors, complete with a checklist of features to look for! Download the full report above to learn more.

Once upon a time, finance teams controlled company purse strings and hired procurement professionals to negotiate deals on a finite list of company needs —from pens and notebooks to office space and advertising. Purchasing power was limited to a few individuals, making it easy to track purchases and keep spend in check. But in today’s fast-moving companies, your employees are your purchasing department. Finance is outnumbered by a broad array of specialized employees who all need to buy very specific tools for their jobs. From software subscriptions to outsourced services to home office equipment, employees are spending more than ever before, and it’s impossible to run every purchase by finance.

Do More, With Less

Try the intuitive software built to simplify spend and scale with your growing needs.

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