Agile Finance Summit 2021

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Corporate finance and operations professionals are responsible not only for overseeing company money day-to-day, but also developing a financial strategy that will ensure the long-term health of the business. In times of change, finance teams must develop an intelligent and well-thought out plan to successfully navigate the rough waters ahead, while still acting quickly and decisively.

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Finance as Customer Service: 4 Keys to Happier Customers

Join Joe Garafalo, Co-Founder and COO of Mosaic, and Brian Weisberg, Head of Finance and Business Operations at Tidelift, as they explore the idea of building your workflow and tech stack around your customers. In this presentation, you will learn:

Human Centric Finance

In a job seeker’s market, it’s crucial that companies invest in all aspects of the employee experience to attract and retain top talent. Free lunches and gym memberships are great, but many employers miss opportunities to address key pain points that subconsciously eat away at employees’ patience. Employee experience can’t be left to the HR team alone–it requires commitment and creativity from all departments, including finance.

Combining People and Data for Total Cash Flow Control

Companies with strong cash flow control their own journey. As finance departments are becoming more technology-enabled and dispersed, the need for stronger communication and collaboration across teams is growing. Connecting finance teams with data, each other, colleagues across their businesses and their customers is critical for company-wide cash flow visibility, predictability, and control.

Next Generation Finance

Join Teampay’s Natalie Toh and Andres Rivero as they address common finance challenges from our recent Beyond the Balance Sheet survey and share fresh ideas for tackling them going forward. You’ll learn

Financial Diligence For Your Next Raise

Set the stage for your next raise with tips from industry experts. It’s imperative to tackle financials before presenting to investors. During this panel, our experts will guide you through everything you’ll need to know from a financial perspective for your capital raise. In this session you’ll learn:

The Evolution of Cash Flow Management Options

The presentation will cover some of the new Working Capital options, including Plastiq. Plastiq is an innovative option that enables companies to readily access the capital they already have available from their Commercial Card programs.

Remote Finance and the Future of Work

Modern companies were already trending toward more flexible, distributed workplaces when the pandemic arrived and throttled us all into the future. Finance teams quickly learned that the old ways of working wouldn’t fly in a remote environment, and they’ve been experimenting and adapting ever since. You will learn:

The New Purpose for Business Traveling: Connecting Teams

We live in a globalized world, which means that building meaningful relationships plays a significant role in business success. Working with diverse, multicultural teams takes that one step further. Those teams are more creative and productive but many times they lose out on cultural nuances in video calls. You’ll learn:

Prepare to Automate: How to Set Your Finance Team Up for Success

As the corporate finance landscape grows more complicated, automation and scale become imperative for finance teams that don’t want to get left behind or pigeon-holed as a back-office function. But teams need to be strategic about what–and how–they automate. In this presentation you’ll learn: