📣  Teampay Acquired by Paystand: Transforming B2B Payments for Businesses Together 📣

Seamless purchasing on Amazon Business

Learn how Teampay and Amazon Business work together to provide an effortless buying experience with proactive controls built in.

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Next generation procurement

Effortless Employee Experience

Employees have one place to request access to company funds. They are guided through the buying process, without having to remember a patchwork of policies and rules.

Compliance Guaranteed

Teampay automatically enforces your spend policy and ensures employees leverage your corporate Amazon Business account, instead of Amazon’s consumer site.

Maximize Visibility

Purchases are automatically uploaded into the general ledger as they happen, pre-coded. This allows for real-time visibility across all spending and saves the finance team valuable time.

A better way to buy on Amazon Business

With Teampay’s Amazon Business integration, employees are guided through the buying process. They request funds in Teampay, select items from Amazon Business, and complete the purchase with minimal clicks.

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“BacklotCars has a mindset of building at pace, and this new integration helps us do just that. Teampay ensures the right controls are in place so that we can get the most out of our Amazon Business account, without slowing our employees down. The checkout experience is automated, meaning less manual work for our teams. From start to finish, it’s a really slick experience.”

Anna Hockey
(Former) VP of Finance

What is Teampay?

Teampay manages all types of purchases, made by anyone, from end-to-end. Our distributed spend management platform gives finance teams total control and real-time visibility into spend, while empowering employees to spend with confidence.

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