Power executive purchasing with Catalyst by Teampay


“Move fast and break things” doesn’t have to apply to your finance processes. Give your executives the speed and luxury they want in a corporate card with the controls and automation you need to stay on track.

Catalyst cardholders enjoy:

Elite Perks

Enjoy VIP rewards and benefits like concierge service, travel insurance and more

Versatile Payment Options

Pay from your mobile wallet or swipe, tap or insert the eye-catching metal card

Instant Funding

Designed for leaders with discretionary spending, Catalyst always works

Wow your execs with premium perks:

Catalyst offers elite benefits tailored for executives, such as travel insurance and concierge service.



Catalyst provides a fully digital payment experience with a physical card option.

  • Instant issue: Begin making purchases immediately online or via mobile wallet.
  • Mobile app: Quickly upload receipts, see recent transactions and manage your card on the go.
  • Secure card: The contactless card is also numberless, eliminating the risk of fraud if it’s lost or stolen.
    Catalyst card on phone screen

    Plus all the things you love about Teampay

    Proactive controls

    Just like regular Teampay cards, Catalyst allows you to set spending limits that help you stay on policy and within budget. (Or don’t—you’re the boss, right?)

    Automated reconciliation

    Every transaction is automatically reconciled in Teampay and synced to your accounting software in real time, so your team always has an accurate view of spend.

    Instant coding & receipt prompts

    Everyone’s favorite Teampay perk: no expense reports! Code transactions and upload receipts on the spot so you never have to think about them again.