Control company spend while empowering employees

Teampay is software that helps modern businesses request, approve, pay for, and track employee purchases in real time.

Control Spend

Teampay brings control back to Finance teams by setting expectations on spending before it happens.

Enforce your rules before they’re broken

Pre-approve spending before it happens.

  • Reflect your organization’s actual process in Teampay with multi-step approvals
  • Set auto-approve behavior for a person, vendor, amount, and more
  • Redirect requests for specific vendors, categories, or departments to specific approvers

Set and enforce limits

Let your expense policy come to life.

  • Quickly create spending limits by vendor, transaction, or employee
  • Empower your team to follow the rules with simple 1-click approvals
  • Easily update workflows as your organization changes

Provide virtual cards for online purchases and physical cards for real life

Improve spend management across physical and virtual payment options.

  • Instantly issue virtual cards for one-time and recurring online payments
  • Provide your team with TeampayGo physical cards for use out of the office
  • Create purchase orders for invoiced-based payments

“I’m able to pull the trigger as fast as the team needs but with control at a level that provides satisfaction.”

John Chard, Finance at ConsenSys

Automate Reconciliation

Teampay lets you spend less time doing administrative work categorizing and chasing after receipts so you close on time, every time.

Stop guessing coding categories and chasing receipts

Automatically capture and categorize as purchases are made.

  • Use Teampay to collect all the information you need before the purchase happens so you’re never left wondering
  • Let Teampay automatically collect receipts from your team, throughout the month
  • Automate reminders to employees for receipts that are due

Integrate Teampay with your accounting system

Use automation to replace repetitive processes.

  • Insert clean transaction data directly into your accounting system
  • Seamlessly sync pre-approved transactions with Netsuite, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks Online, and Xero

Integrate corporate card expensing

Get the same automated reconciliation benefits for all your cards.

  • View all cards in a single view
  • Import, categorize, and automatically collect documentation for corporate card spend
  • Integrate existing commercial cards, including MasterCard, American Express, and most Visa cards

We don’t have to worry about chasing down receipts, or how much money we have outstanding that we owe employees. It’s all managed through Teampay.

Caitlin Cuesta, HR and Operations Coordinator at Lightstream.

See Spend in Real-Time

Don’t wait until the end of the month to know what’s going on in your business.

Stay closer to cash throughout the month

Keep on top of company spending 24/7.

  • View roll-up reporting anytime including spending and approval patterns
  • Get alerts & notifications to inform you of shifts in spending patterns
  • Keep track of purchases and spending from anywhere with Teampay’s Slack integration, mobile access, and online portal

Keep track of all your vendors and subscriptions in one place

Use advanced alert and reporting systems linked to your accounts.

  • Be the first to know about duplicate vendors so you can stop redundant spend before it happens
  • Get real-time alerts on spend and variances
  • Group and pivot spending by employee, department, vendor and/or period

Get comparative price benchmarking

Benefit from the Teampay network.

  • Get alerted for comparisons, deviations in price quoted, and suggested vendor alternatives
  • Automatically know when there are savings to be had before a purchase is made

“Since we started using Teampay we’ve been able to stay on top of our employee spending without slowing down the business, and we save a lot of time at the end of every month that used to be spent herding cats to close the books.”

Geoff Doempke, VP Finance at The Bouqs

Integrate your Workflow

Teampay is available where you work today, in your office and on the go.

Use a single system for all purchasing

Minimize impact on your team.

  • Benefit from the accounting integration, policy enforcement and categorization regardless of payment type
  • Simplify on-boarding using single sign on with G-suite or Slack
  • Approve POs with same, easy 1-click process

Use Teampay where you work today

Use the same tools with new features!

  • Use the Teampay Slackbot to request and approve purchases
  • Access Teampay in your browser or on your mobile device
  • Make requests directly in Chrome using our browser extension

Give your employees flexibility while maintaining control

Use the payment method that’s most convenient for you and your team.

  • Generate virtual cards for online payments
  • Use existing corporate credit cards or TeampayGo cards for offline purchases
  • Use Apple Pay for the convenience of tap-to-pay with the control of Teampay

Trust & Security

Teampay has invested in the security of the platform to make sure your company and employees’ information is safe.

Simple Pricing

We want to eliminate complexity from your purchasing process.

Our pricing is a flat, annual fee based on your feature set and spend volume. We make it easy for your team to request, approve and track their purchases with unlimited users, vendors and approvers.

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