Empower your team and start working smarter


Proven to scale with you, Teampay’s patented distributed spend management platform provides proactive controls and real-time visibility across all company purchasing.


Set your policy and let the software do the rest  

  • Rules engine: Effortlessly enforce spend policy through automatic routing of purchase requests to the right approver/s.
  • Upfront coding & receipt reminders: Eliminate manual work by requiring employees to code purchases upfront and sending automatic receipt upload reminders.
  • Issue payments: Automatically issue the appropriate payment, limited to the pre-approved amount and vendor.



    Gain financial agility with real-time, actionable insights

    • Automated reconciliation: View purchases in the general ledger as they happen.
    • Committed spend & budgeting: Understand what spend has been committed against the budget and make better decisions, faster.
    • Reporting: Free finance from providing actuals by democratizing spend data across the organization.



    Simplify complex processes with a seamless, all-in-one purchasing experience

    • Conversational user interface: Effortlessly guide employee through the buying process.
    • Accessibility: Empower all employees to make purchases from anywhere through an easy-to-use Slack, Microsoft Teams or web interface.


    Optimize your purchasing process as you grow

    • Finance integrations: Configure to fit your financial stack today and evolve as you grow, including Netsuite, Intacct, Quickbooks Online, and Xero.
    • End-to-end processes: Support complex purchasing policies by triggering processes in other systems, from contract lifecycle management to Amazon Business.
    • Multi-subsidiary & foreign currency: Manage multiple entities and business units, with purchases in different countries.


      Implement a solution your entire company can trust 

      • User management: Easily onboard, offboard, and place users into approval groups.
      • Vendor management & variance alerts: Stop fraudulent and duplicate spending with real-time notifications.
      • Security: Keep your data safe. Teampay is PCI DSS compliant as a service provider (SAQ-D) and has completed a SOC 1 and SOC 2 services audit.

      “It was like a lightswitch, I don’t even remember an implementation. We had a 20 minute call to talk through approval flows, then all of a sudden we had the app in our Slack.”

      Phil Hall, Head of Finance at Anduril