Accounting Automation


Automation to simplify your accounting processes


We’re not trying to boil the ocean here. We’re talking simple workflows to automate the mundane parts of accounting, so you can focus on the good stuff.

Tame the wild, wild west

Accounting automation proactively controls spend

  • Rein in cowboy spending by setting specific policies that meet your business needs—no matter how complex—with customizable approval workflows that can vary by department, amount, vendor, and more. 
  • Enforce your finance and accounting policies automatically via Teampay, so you no longer have to worry about whether or not your team shares your affinity for purchasing policy compliance.
  • Set it, forget it and hang up your sheriff’s hat—Teampay will take it from here.

“I love that you can toggle from NetSuite back to Teampay by following the link. It’s nice to be able to get back to the source document, which is something we are struggling to do with our other transactions!”

Rob Bailer

VP Finance at Data Robot

Accounting AUTOMATION IS LIKE cruise control

Reduce manual work and save time (+ your sanity) with automated reconciliation

  • Upfront transaction coding and automatic receipt reminders ensure you always have the information you need to close the books. 
  • Documented approval threads provide clear audit trails for your accounting records (way better than that Oregon Trail you used to blaze).
  • Pre-coded transaction data is automatically reconciled in your accounting software or ERP thanks to robust integrations with NetSuite, Quickbooks Online, Sage Intacct, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Workday.

Prestige Worldwide* has nothing on you

Optimize your purchasing process for every stage of growth

  • Manage spend across different regions, business lines or even specific project codes with multi-entity support.
  • Support complex purchasing policies by triggering processes in other systems—from contract management to travel booking and vendor catalogs. 
  • Enable purchasing in multiple currencies and reconcile all transactions in your accounting system, so you can be sure that your books are in sync across the globe.
*Fictional company created by these guys. (The first word in entertainment, management, financial portfolios, insurance, computers, black leather gloves, research and development.) 

No manuals or curse words required

Automated accounting workflows you can implement without yelling at your screen

  • Configure your organization’s rules and structure without IT support.
  • Create and edit policies anytime–no need to bring in the consultants every time you want to make a change.
  • Easily onboard and place users into approval groups so you can start driving employee adoption right away.
  • Offboard employees just as easily. If someone is removed from your system, they’ll automatically be removed from Teampay and their manager will be prompted to cancel or reassign their cards and POs.

More features to help your team be audit they can be (lolz)

Conversational UI

The only purchasing system employees actually want to use–our conversational interface guides them through the purchasing process, keeping them in budget and in policy.

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Spend management

Stop wasting time tracking down receipts and trying to figure out who bought what, who approved it, and why. With spend management software, you see spend the moment it happens and reconcile it in real time, making month-end close a breeze.

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Reporting & analytics

The power of pivot tables without the spreadsheet. Teampay’s reporting makes it easy to get the cuts of data you need in an instant, without all the Excel wizardry.

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