AP Automation


Accounts payable automation software keeps invoices in line


When an unexpected invoice hits your inbox, you can hear the record scratch from across the office. Getting approvals ahead of time makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop and in policy.


Upfront approvals keep you in the know (and looking sharp)

  • Foresee accounts payables by getting pre-approvals on all invoiced spend.
  • Guide employees using the same conversational workflow they use for corporate cards, with policy enforcement built into the process so purchases are inherently compliant.
  • Automated purchasing workflows help employees get approvals faster so they can get what they need and get on with their day.
  • Purchase orders are automatically synced from our accounts payable software to your accounting system for full visibility.

“I love the fact that I can approve and deny invoices on my phone at any time of the day via Slack.”

Accounts Payable Manager at a Series A Company


Flexible invoice capture for finance, employees and vendors

  • Allow your vendors to send invoices via email in one step, or have your team upload them directly.
  • Stop wasting time manually entering invoices. Teampay uses OCR (optical character recognition) technology to automatically scan accounts payable data so all you have to do is review and accept.
  • Effortlessly match invoices to existing purchase orders in an instant via Teampay’s smart matching technology, or quickly create a new purchase order to obtain approval.

Find the balance — no meditation required

Faster invoice processing with automation in all the right places

  • Easily compare invoices to bills and purchase orders to verify accuracy and prevent fraud.
  • Create bills and update the purchase order status in either Teampay or your ERP and know your changes are automatically syncing to the other system. Too good to be true? Nope, it’s just a two-way sync.
  • Get context on purchases whenever you need it with approval activity history and purchase order notes.

Make it (responsibly) rain

Bill pay made easy, with visibility for all employees

  • Give employees full visibility into the status of their purchase orders, including bill payments and partial closes, payment status and more, reducing the back and forth between employees and finance.
  • Pay bills right in Teampay via ACH or virtual card.
  • Sync bill payment records instantly upon payment either via Teampay or your accounting system.
  • Track invoice and payment status in both Teampay and your accounting system with a real-time, two-way sync.

Other features that Angela Martin* would love more than Sprinkles

Corporate Cards

Virtual and physical cards for all your employees’ purchasing needs, whether they’re on the go or on Zoom.

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Conversational UI

The only purchasing system employees actually want to use–our conversational interface guides them through the purchasing process, keeping them in budget and in policy.

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*Famous fictional accountant we salute.

Reporting & analytics

The power of pivot tables without the spreadsheet. Teampay’s reporting makes it easy to get the cuts of data you need in an instant, without all the Excel wizardry.

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