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Our conversational user interface is crushing it


Prepare for a user experience that leaves everyone feeling empowered and in the know. Our conversational user interface (UI) helps make purchasing easy for your team so they get the approval they need, when they need it.

$$$ has entered the chat

Purchasing is as easy as having a conversation

Employees shouldn’t need to become compliance experts to navigate your purchasing process. With Teampay, they don’t have to. Here’s how it works:To make a purchase, employees simply tell Teampay what they want to buy and answer the questions that follow.


  • The software guides them through the purchasing process, automatically ensuring compliance each time so they never have to worry about remembering your detailed spend policy. It’s almost like having a Janet.
  • Notifications keep employees updated on the status of their request and alert them when an approver has a question, tracking all related conversations in a comment thread.
  • The easy-to-use system drives employee adoption, reducing rogue spend and giving finance more control.

Spending in your DMs

Integrate robust spend management software directly into your collaboration program

Drive adoption with an easy purchasing process that meets employees where they are.


    • Teampay’s conversational workflow lives right in Slack or Microsoft Teams and guides employees through the purchasing process based on the rules and spending limits you set.
    • Employees can make and approve purchase requests, receive notifications, upload receipts, code transactions and access secure payment methods, all without having to log into another system.
    • Not using a chat program? You can get the same guided experience in the Teampay web app.

“Teampay is amazing. Just used it for the first time, it’s by far the easiest to use piece of enterprise software I’ve ever seen.”

Robby Grossman

VP of Engineering, Wistia


A user experience that’s actually designed for users

Your purchasing department no longer lives within the finance team—it’s all of your employees. Now you can have purchasing software built with them in mind.


  • Get your employees up and running right away—no need to schedule lengthy training sessions or explain complex finance jargon, they just learn as they go.
  • Make it easy for anyone—even remote team members, international employees, and freelancers—to access company cash without having to jump through hoops.
  • Meet your employees where they are geographically by supporting purchases in foreign currencies.

More features to love as much as your 10-key

Corporate cards

Virtual and physical cards for all your employees’ purchasing needs, whether they’re on the go or on Zoom.

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Spend management

Stop wasting time tracking down receipts and trying to figure out who bought what, who approved it, and why. With spend management software, you see spend the moment it happens and reconcile it in real time, making month-end close a breeze.

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Reporting & analytics

The power of pivot tables without the spreadsheet. Teampay’s reporting makes it easy to get the cuts of data you need in an instant, without all the Excel wizardry.

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