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Purchasing is as easy as having a conversation

Teampay’s friendly, conversational Purchase Assistant guides users through the purchasing process, collects approvals upfront and keeps teams moving—all through your company's preferred communication tool.

Spend seamlessly and reduce risk with a workflow that enforces policy automatically

Purchasing workflows designed for the way teams communicate

Teampay's Purchase Assistant integrates with your company's communication tool, so employees don't have to learn a new behavior to spend compliantly. Connect through Slack, Teams or the Teampay web app.

Secure payments are just a few DMs away

The Purchase Assistant guides employees through the purchase process, so they don't have to reach out to the accounting team whenever they need to make a purchase.

Your policy is coded right into the conversation

Teampay's Purchase Assistant automatically ensures compliance as employees enter their purchase details—so there's no need to continually communicate your policy.

Get Teampay on your team

Go from set-up to increased productivity in a matter of days.
Consider your to-dos handled

You take care of the important stuff—like keeping the business on track and planning for the future. Just set your policy, and Teampay automates the rest.

Pre-approval on every purchase

The Purchase Assistant automatically routes purchase requests to the appropriate approvers before issuing a secure payment method. No tracking down mystery purchases, no unwanted surprises.

Built-in transaction updates and receipt reminders

Teampay notifies employees about the status of their request, alerts them if approvers have questions and sends receipt reminders once purchases have been made. All conversations are tracked and easily searchable.

Every transaction, automatically reconciled and synced

Post-purchase, Teampay automatically syncs the data with your accounting software and reconciles it into your general ledger—no expense reports necessary.

Teampay works with the tools you already use

Connect to a robust network of integrations and start streamlining your work.
[With Teampay], we've been able to empower our staff to make their smart decisions, while also allowing the association to ensure that the funds are where they need to be when they need to be.

Amanda Martin, VP of Finance, Orlando Realtors Association

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Transform your traditional workflow

Get employees what they need—fast and in-policy. See what an automated, accelerated approval process looks like, with a step-by-step view of the Purchase Approval Workflow.

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Try the intuitive software built to simplify spend and scale with you.

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