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Make faster, more informed decisions with up-to-the-minute data

Get full visibility into company finances, anytime. Make budget decisions based on real-time data.

Anytime accessibility, real-time visibility, increased accuracy

All your spend data, centralized and updated in real-time

Teampay automatically records each of your team member's transactions and payments, so you can access the data you need to make smart decisions. From card spend to POs and invoices, all the way to reimbursements, your data is accessible and accurate.

See your budgets, actuals and committed spend—all in one place

Get immediate visibility into your dashboard of reports to get the insights you need, when you need them. View all your transaction history and filter reports by department, frequency, vendor, category and date.

Deliver accurate reports whenever you need

Reporting doesn't need to wait until month-end close. Share the latest information you need to help your company make smart business moves.

Get Teampay on your team

Go from set-up to increased productivity in a matter of days.
Your data can do more

And you can do more with it when you save hours closing your books.

Track your budgets as they're spent

See your committed, budgeted and actual spend across any dimension. Transactions reconcile instantly so your actuals are always current.

Create budget ownership company-wide with data visibility

Managers have full visibility into their whole team’s spend, and employees are empowered to make smart decisions too. Anyone can view spend analytics and see how purchases will impact a budget, all before they submit a request.

Drive growth with more accurate forecasts

Data is power. With Teampay, you can create more accurate forecasts with up-to-the-minute spend data and visibility into upcoming purchases and payments.

Teampay works with the tools you already use

Connect to a robust network of integrations and start streamlining your work.
Our budget is at the heart of everything we do as a growth company. Every decision for me goes back to that. So the degree that I'm able to have a software application that helps me forecast what's committed versus budget is really important.

Chris Morrison, Controller at Pulsara

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Streamline everything you’ve got on your plate. Teampay helps finance teams with more informed and accurate forecasting, more efficient cash flow and more.

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