Reporting & Analytics


Empower your entire organization with accessible data and leveled-up financial reporting


Teams that are proactive, responsible and engaged need the right tools to stay that way. Making financial data available to your team is the fastest path to growth and innovation, allowing everyone to make smarter purchasing decisions.


Excel in your field (see what we did there?)

Monitor spend in real time with powerful financial reporting

  • With the transparency that Teampay provides, you’ll know exactly how much has been spent at any given moment.
  • Consolidate your spend data in one place, so you can see trends, monitor subscriptions, gain vendor-level insights and more.
  • Filter through any dimension—the power of pivot tables without the spreadsheet.
  • Get financial trend reports delivered right in Slack or Teams for a quick snapshot.

“The user interface for sure- Teampay is awesome. I love the user interface, that’s my feedback.”

Eric Powlick

VP Finance, Athletic Greens

Save the guessing game for your fantasy team

Better, faster decisions based on actionable insights

No one should have to wait for a report from finance to figure out how much budget they have left—or worse—to see if they’ve blown it.
  • Deliver more accurate budgeting and reporting at any time—no more waiting for month-end close.
  • Give managers and employees the ability to view spend analytics and manage their own budgets without asking finance to provide actuals.
  • Allow employees to see how each purchase might impact their individual or team budget before they even submit a request.

no more playing catch-up

Stay ahead of the game with accurate, up-to-the-minute data

  • Manage budgets more effectively with a full view of committed and real-time spend.
  • Provide more accurate forecasts that factor in upcoming purchases and payments.
  • Easily identify prepaid or capitalized expenses and ensure they are correctly reflected in reporting.

More features that are right on the money

Accounting automation

Ditch the tedious parts of your job–Teampay adds smart automation in all the right places to save you time and ensure accurate data.

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Approval workflows

No more messy email chains and offline conversations. Teampay streamlines the approval process so that all the right people sign off before any money has been spent.

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Spend management

Stop wasting time tracking down receipts and trying to figure out who bought what, who approved it, and why. With spend management software, you see spend the moment it happens and reconcile it in real time, making month-end close a breeze.

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