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Spend management software that matches the speed of business


We’ve leveled the playing field. Teampay’s distributed spend management software covers all purchases, made by anyone, from end-to-end. While finance teams maintain total control, everyone can have real-time visibility into company spend and make quick, compliant purchases.


upgrade from old school

We hacked the traditional complex purchasing process and made it seamless—like your favorite argyle socks

Teampay’s cloud-based spend management software helps finance teams maintain control and visibility while fully automating the approval process and proactively enforcing spend policy, without slowing down employees.


  • Capture all spend: Manage all company spend in one place, whether paid via virtual cards, physical cards, invoices, or expense reimbursements.
  • Conversational user interface: Effortlessly guide employees through the buying process—no training required.
  • Accessibility: Empower all employees to make purchases from anywhere through an easy-to-use Slack or Microsoft Teams web interface.
  • Real-time spend data: There’s no need to wait for the month-end to know how much your team has spent when it’s all updated in real-time.


“We can count on Teampay to request, approve, give virtual credit cards to employees, code, collect receipts, track spending and reconcile accurate data in real time! The platform has proper controls and promotes efficiency saving my team countless hours and increasing their productivity across the board. This is one of the best investments that the company has purchased to date!”

Linh Doan

Controller, Zumper

Power up your finance teams

Five reasons to love Teampay’s spend management software

  • Proactive policy controls – No more headaches from out-of-policy purchases. Spend policy is coded into the software, so purchase data is recorded and approved before any money is spent. This guarantees that everyone stays in bounds.
  • Upfront coding – No more chasing down expense reports. Purchase data is collected at the initial request and sent to the designated approver and general ledger automatically. This ensures accurate data from request to reconciliation with no guesswork.
  • Intelligent payments – No more over budget spending. Intelligent software limits payments to the approved amount on a virtual or physical credit card, or by issuing a purchase order. This prevents employees from going over budget or spending willy-nilly.
  • Automated reconciliation – No more asking, “Are these numbers up-to-date?” Purchases are automatically uploaded into the general ledger and correctly coded on the spot. This saves the finance team valuable time and allows them to deliver accurate information to every stakeholder.
  • Purchasing workflow automation – No more getting CC’d on every thread that involves a purchase. All of the people and tasks in the purchasing process are unified by a single system that guides them from request to reporting. This creates efficiency, scalability, and transparency for spend, so finance teams can focus on strategic work.

Way more features than a calculator watch

Conversational UI

The only purchasing system employees actually want to use–our conversational interface guides them through the purchasing process, keeping them in budget and in policy.

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Accounting automation

Ditch the tedious parts of your job–Teampay adds smart automation in all the right places to save you time and ensure accurate data.

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Approval workflows

No more messy email chains and offline conversations. Teampay streamlines the approval process so that all the right people sign off before any money has been spent.

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