Virtual Cards


Instantly issue secure, intelligent virtual cards at the speed of business


Meet the ultimate expense report hack. Pre-approved virtual corporate cards with real-time spend visibility will warp your team to next-level efficiency.

Here’s how it works

Virtual corporate card software

  • Employees request funds using the conversational interface integrated in Slack, Microsoft Teams or the Teampay web app.
  • Requests are routed for approval based on your purchasing policy.
  • Managers approve or deny requests with the tap of a button. (If you have multi-step approvals or other complex rules, we’ll manage that, too.)
  • On approval, a virtual card number is automatically issued in an instant with the approved amount for purchase, tied to the approved vendor.

“Our employees really love having access to virtual cards and spend, right when they need it. Many of our employees do not want to or can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket; with Teampay they never have to. By rolling out the tool, we have increased employee satisfaction and significantly reduced the effort required by requester and approvers to get access to the funds they need to do their job in real time and with all the controls in place.”

Financial Systems Manager

Digital event startup

Ditch the plastic

Issue virtual purchasing cards and buy yourself time

  • Automatic – Virtual cards are automatically created and sent to employees, giving your admin team some much needed time back in their day. 
  • Accessible – No matter where you are, any employees (not just the big shots with reserved parking) can request funds to make purchases as they need them. Think contract workers or entry-level employees.
  • Adaptable – You can approve, manage, and track spending in real-time, no matter where your employees are—at the office, working remotely or making purchases IRL.
  • Controlled – Teampay routes purchase requests to the right approvers before funds are issued. Virtual corporate cards are issued only for the pre-approved amount and vendor, helping to prevent rogue spending and fraud.
  • Integrated – Teampay syncs up with NetSuite, Quickbooks Online, Sage Intacct, Xero, Workday, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for real-time automated reconciliation.

Paperwork: shredded

Leverage virtual card software to increase your bandwidth

      Forget about the end of month panic. Teampay’s virtual cards eliminate:

      • Shared corporate cards – No more wondering who bought what and why.
      • Expense reports – You already approved what’s been spent.
      • Reimbursements – That stuff is already paid for by the company, not your employees. 
      • Busy work – Teampay creates and issues cards automatically.

      Additional features that would make Ben Wyatt’s* fiscal year

      Physical corporate cards

      For all the places your team needs to actually swipe, tap or insert their card IRL.

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      AP automation

      Eliminate surprise invoices with automated approval workflows and full transparency at every step of the purchasing process, from invoice receipt to bill pay.

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      *Famous fictional accountant whose formulas can always be “ac-COUNT-ed” on. IYKYK

      Approval workflows

      No more messy email chains and offline conversations. Teampay streamlines the approval process so that all the right people sign off before any money has been spent.

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      How about we take this one offline?

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