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The 9 Best Sage Intacct App Integrations

Sage Intacct boasts one of the most complete suites in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software on the market. Its ability to integrate with a growing number of third party apps supports inter-system communication. Having the right set of applications to connect with and augment Intacct’s robust planning and tracking infrastructure is vital to your success in digital transformation. Here are nine of the best apps to do just that:


Source Hands on accounting meets process automation with FloQast, the close management software solution. FloQast dynamically links accounting teams’ Intacct ERP software with their spreadsheets and checklists. By directly tapping into the General Ledger to automate reconciliation, teams can accomplish a faster, more accurate close. On average, companies employing a Floqast-Intacct combo close their books roughly three days faster. Perhaps the greatest benefit of adding FloQast to your arsenal is its built-in transparency controls. With most spreadsheet solutions, you can’t always keep track of your team’s progress during all phases of a project. This creates difficulty in conducting optimal labor allocation. FloQast targets seemingly endless email threads, sync meetings, and task organization issues by showing which team members are doing what and how they are advancing through their individual assignments.  


Source Avalara’s tax solution AvaTax connects with your Intacct account to track and calculate sales tax for each transaction. The software monitors the 12,000+ individual tax jurisdictions nationwide, so tax rates are kept up-to-date and accurate to the street address. This prevents users from mistaking which tax jurisdiction a purchase occurred in. The link between your Avalara and Intacct accounts allows you to directly import your transactional data, so you can more accurately file when tax time comes. Avalara also allows companies to submit the needed financial information to their tax filing service.


Source An end-to-end project management platform, Clarizen allows managers to track a project throughout its lifecycle against quotes, milestones, deadlines, bill rate and other customizable KPIs. Managers can see exactly how many projects are underway at once, and how each one is progressing based on these real-time metrics.

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    Workforce Go!

    Source A leading human capital management (HCM) software, Workforce Go! centralizes human resources, attendance, payroll, and employee benefits into one solution.The app can also assist in the hiring process by reaching outside your organization to recruit new talent. Workforce Go! Is easily one of the most comprehensive solutions on this list, assisting with tasks such as:
    • Pay stub distribution
    • Direct deposits
    • Payroll alerts
    • Date-driven reporting
    • Employee compensation management
    • General ledger processing
    One of the most user-friendly aspects of Workforce Go! is that it doesn’t require continuous updates to your software. Simply set it up, integrate it with your Intacct account, and go.


    Source Even in the digital age, a company’s warehouse is still one of the most vital aspects of its operation. QStock tracks inventory as it is either depleted or replenished, so you can stay on top of your products at all times. Outbound shipments and satisfied orders are managed at near-perfect accuracy, which means on-time deliveries and significant reductions in lost goods. By integrating your business with QStock, you can receive recommendations for which products to replenish and when to replenish them. The QStock integration allows you to easily create purchase orders in Intacct. Many e-commerce websites and point-of-sale (POS) systems also support QStock, so data is seamlessly transmitted across stages. QStock is a highly robust product best suited for higher-volume businesses with extensive inventories.  


    Source Yooz automates a business’s accounts payable operation by synchronizing with the General Ledger to automatically code financial data. This enforces greater data consistency, boosts total efficiency of accounts payable, and is easily scalable during business growth. Some companies have reported reductions in invoice processing costs of up to 70%, while many others claim that processing times are now a fraction of what they were when relying on manual processes. As an added bonus, Yooz helps companies be environmentally-friendly by nearly eliminating paper invoices.


    Source Sales teams are driven by performance, and Xactly offers a quick and accurate view of how each member is performing. By integrating Xactly with your Intacct account, you gain complete transparency in tracking the performance of your sales teams, and simplifying credits and commissions calculations. Performance data transfers from Intacct to Xactly automatically, significantly reducing time spent on manual data entry and human error. Improved transparency, automated data transfer, and daily performance updates facilitate a clear understanding of how close team members are to reaching their goals–and how to reach them faster. This is because Xactly shows its users historical data in real-time, allowing both managers and sales professionals to better plan and incentivize results.


    Source Another environmentally-friendly option, PaperSave is a comprehensive document management system that implements digital workflows and organizes your files, records, and other financial documents. Users can quickly locate and retrieve the information they need by leveraging PaperSave’s advanced search features, which can arrange and coordinate data from either structured or unstructured content. PaperSave allows users to set up automated processes based on their company’s policies and procedures. For example, let’s say you transferred a client to a new team member. All relevant client information–such as their profile, interaction history, and invoices from past service–can be easily retrieved from PaperSave and sent to your team member.


    Source Locurity simultaneously combats identity attacks and password overload by integrating with a myriad of different cloud-based enterprise applications and creating a singular point of secured access. With so many applications and internet profiles, businesses consistently face risks of compromised security. Locurity employs several modern methods of authentication such as fingerprints and facial recognition to establish a single sign on that protects the financial information stored in your Intacct account. Some of these attacks include:
    • Password guessing or reuse
    • Phishing
    • Hacking
    Lost, stolen, or forgotten passwords are an unfortunate reality in modern business practices. It is a waste of both time and money to sit on hold with the help desk or go through password reset processes. Instead, consider adding Locurity to your Intacct tool belt to better protect your enterprise and spare yourself the frustration of remembering yet another password.

    And as a bonus…

    You guessed itTeampay also integrates with Intacct. The first purchasing software built for fast-growing, technology-enabled businesses, Teampay empowers employees to make approved purchases, while allowing companies to maintain control of spend. The direct integration with Sage Intacct eliminates the manual work that used to go into closing the books (no more CSVs!). With Teampay, all transactions are pre-approved and pre-coded, so you always know who spent what and why. Teampay takes care of coding and reconciling spend by:
    • Automatically syncing Department, Class, Vendor, and GL Account from Sage Intacct to Teampay so that, when an employee is coding their own purchase request, they can select relevant dimensions that also exist in Intacct.
    • Configuring an approval workflow that matches the way that your company works.
    • Issuing virtual cards upon approval so your team can buy what they need on a card which is confined to the approved vendor, amount and frequency.
    • Using Sage Intacct’s advanced API to synchronize transactions in real-time from Teampay, including their pre-coded Department, Class, Vendor and GL Account.