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The 9 Best QuickBooks Apps

QuickBooks has long been a staple of accounting packages, due in part to its ability to integrate with new, specialized technologies as they emerge. By simplifying workflow processes, QuickBooks integrations empower employees, accelerate growth, and promote progress in companies of all sizes.

Below are eight software apps that integrate with QuickBooks. Each of these solutions accomplishes a different work function – including remote employee access, payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic transactional functions, project management, collaboration, and inventory management – and stand up to even the most rigorous industry standards.



The Breakdown: Salesforce aims to increase sales team productivity by enabling location flexibility and providing users with real-time information. The software generates forecasts and reports based on extensive customer data that updates regularly. According to data from Salesforce, organizations using its products experience a 35% boost in sales. In 2018, the company won the Finances Online’s Expert’s Choice and Great User Experience awards. Salesforce offers annual memberships at four levels and a free trial.

The Benefits: Salesforce CRM is excellent for taking snapshots of customer interactions as they occur and following up with the hottest sales leads in real-time. It utilizes performance measurement metrics to promote healthy competition within companies and incentivize winning performances, which is something that many sales teams thrive on.



The Breakdown: Insightly is one of the highest customer recommended applications on this list. It’s biggest selling point is its relationship mapping utility, which features a record-linking functionality that maps customer relationships through email and other existing documents. Additionally, this CRM allows users to track milestones and pipelines for specific projects, capture relationship datasets, and maintains a fully-functioning report scheduler. Although Insightly integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, it is not compatible on mobile for Windows or maintain available phone access for customer service.  Insightly carries three membership levels, and a free limited membership plan.

The Benefits: Insightly’s extensive relationship management protocols and workflow process customization offers flexibility in a way that most CRM applications simply cannot. The app is also highly accessible, maintaining cross-functionality with the G Suite, Outlook, and Evernote. Vendor and customer relationship building is constantly evolving, and adapting your processes to fit your audience’s needs has become fundamental to continued growth and development.



The Breakdown: Veeqo is a comprehensive ecommerce software that helps retailers manage their inventory, orders and shipping process. The tool captures order data from all your e-commerce stores and marketplacesincluding Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Amazon, and e-bayand syncs it to QuickBooks. In addition, users can create and track POs directly in Veeqo and have corresponding invoices and receipts auto-generated in QuickBooks.

The Benefits: Veeqo allows retailers with QuickBooks a central place to oversee and conduct their entire business, including managing orders from all sales channels, maintaining accurate inventory, and viewing sales reports.

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    The Breakdown: Teampay is the first purchasing software built for fast-growing, technology-enabled businesses. Utilizing an interactive chatbot, employees and finance teams can request, approve, and track spending from anywhere in real-time. Every purchase starts with a request and, after approval, results in a virtual card. Teampay’s pricing is a flat, monthly fee based on feature set and spend volume, and allows for unlimited users, vendors and approvers.

    The Benefits: Whereas traditional models rely on payment reconciliations or sharing corporate cards, Teampay controls spending before it happens by allowing companies to create approval workflows and spend limits to make sure their team always stays in budget. This eliminates late payments, faulty purchases, and complicated procedures to figure out who spent what and where. Its direct integration with QuickBooks reduces the manual work that typically goes into closing the books, thus enabling companies to focus on growth and development.



    The Breakdown: TSheets is a labor management tool that allows companies to track employee time both online and offline. With automated features that can manage things like time-off requests and accrual, and GPS-enabled mobile versions, the app mitigates risks for employee time disputes–and it is Department of Labor-approved. TSheets provides free training to customers and has exceptional customer service reviews.

    The Benefits: Employee managers can remotely clock in multiple employees and assign projects, which streamlines the cost reporting process. This not only provides convenience, but continuously collects information regarding labor allocation that could prove useful in future projects.



    The Breakdown: Toggl emphasizes simplicity, with a one click time-in/time-out button and relatively straightforward layout. Like TSheets, users can work on- or offline or and track the time spent on individual projects. Toggl also converts data into graphical representations, often pie or bar charts. This gives the user a real-time snapshot of their work efforts.

    The Benefits: Toggl aims to make organizations more efficient by simplifying data into easy-to-follow, immediately accessible information. This allows managers to decide the best ways to shape and deploy their available employees. Freelancers and consultants are particularly drawn to Toggl, as it aids them in managing their workload.



    The Breakdown: Cin7 is a point-of-sales (POS) program that specializes in invoice management. Users can manage their stock value, incoming and outgoing shipments, and order costs from the same platform. The software utilizes interactive reporting and clusters payments together from each POS register, simplifying the reconciliation process. From here, the various channels and outlets are connected as a network, where orders can be routed automatically. As an added bonus, Cin7 uses real-time, multi-currency exchange rates to facilitate international commerce.

    The Benefits: Cin7 is highly flexible and has a robust list of compatible integrations, making it a favorite of organizations of many sizes and structures. Although automating inventory management can be a complicated process, Cin7 simplifies this endeavor by providing accurate and easily accessible data. This frees employees from time-consuming labor and mitigates clerical errors.



    The Breakdown: TradeGecko is an alternative inventory management system and is widely viewed as one of the top players in the field. The software manages company assets, relationships, and business channels. Managers can track individual product performance and availability, with reminders activating before stock is depleted. TradeGecko is somewhat autonomous, as companies can complete and track their own transactions from within the system itself. There are five membership levels and a free trial.

    The Benefits: TradeGecko is highly customizable, suitable for small and large businesses. One of its greatest virtues lies in its ability to illustrate trends based on available stock, providing managers with more detailed information to drive business decisions. The entire order process is automated, which frees up organization members to focus on continued growth, fulfilling strategic objectives, and building customer relationships.



    The Breakdown: A project management favorite of companies like Google, Adobe, and HTC, Wrike is an all-in-one workspace application. The interface has a unique, streamlined layout consisting of three windows: the left window displays a project hierarchy, the center window shows a project’s task list, and the right window contains the details for each task. Project managers can track individual or group activities, generating audit reports, managing project lifecycles, and even directly involving themselves into various tasks if needed. Wrike offers free plans with basic features are available for smaller teams, with four additional membership plans for larger and more complex organizations.

    The Benefits: One of Wrike’s defining features is it capability to move a single item into multiple folders without duplicating it. Sharing files in this manner reduces clutter and facilitates collaboration. Additionally, managers can keep their teams on-track by continuously adjusting to changing demands. Maintaining focused team engagement and total transparency are two defining features at the center of Wrike’s utility.