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The 6 Best Xero Apps

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform supports a number of third party apps to improve business efficiencies. Here are some of the best for time-tracking, reporting, inventory management, and purchasing (we had to).

Time Tracking


Source A job management software, Tradify reduces time spent on administrative time-tracking duties, including calculating time sheets and project quotes; filing invoices and progress reports; and scheduling time on the job. The tracking feature allows users to see which tasks are ahead of and behind schedule, team member availability, and an overview of their workload. In addition, managers can compare projected versus actual costs for jobs and stay up to date with supplier pricing. Integration with Xero By integrating Tradify with Xero, customers can reconcile invoices and stay on top of their contacts. This not only ensures that payments are made on time, but supports repeat business. Many customers remark that Tradify’s insights directly impact how accurately they can forecast their resource allocations, making it an ideal app for improving business efficiency.


Source MinuteDock is a time tracking app where one can keep unlimited time entries, contacts, and invoices. The highly customizable platform allows users to structure their time reports as they see fit, and set billing times, currencies, and budgeting goals. Users receive personalized progress reports, which are summarized to display the areas where they are gaining or losing money. Integration with Xero By integrating MinuteDock with Xero, users can create invoices that will become directly linked to their Xero account. This means that contacts will appear in Xero, so invoices can be quickly and accurately emailed to the right customers in bulk.

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Source Fathom is a reporting and management evaluation solution that measures an organization’s performance based on trends, financials, and non-financial KPIs. Users can set goals, track metrics to assess progress, and deliver customized reports to different audiences. Fathom’s monitoring feature provides alerts for any important information regarding performance issues and offers possible solutions. Integration with Xero Following the initial setup, Fathom syncs with Xero and updates company financials daily. Dashboards can be customized to a team’s workflow and goals, and reports can be scheduled for drafting, editing, or approving the details. Links to reports will automatically publish to the Xero HQ activity feed.


Source Spotlight, the Xero App Partner of the Year award winner (2015, 2016) has a host of features that support progressive accounting departments, including cash flow forecasting  and multi-currency consolidations. The multiview dashboard consolidates synchronized data, which allows a direct comparison of how hundreds of organizations are performing. With this information, users can gauge where and how their income and expenses measure up, so that they don’t overspend or overtrade. Integration with Xero Spotlight offers industry standard templates to help users integrate and deploy the full functionality of the platform from within Xero, making Xero accountants into “virtual CFOs.” Spotlight users favor the aesthetic appearance of the app’s Xero integration, which makes financial data easily usable.

Inventory Management


Source One of the leading inventory management apps on the market, Unleashed combines item and manufacturing costs to offer transparent insights that help users know exactly what they are paying for. They can also create manufacturing assemblies directly within Unleashed, and trace products by batch or serial number. Integration with Xero Unleashed facilitates more accurate projections and the ability to modify business processes as needed. Tracking product movement and staying on top of warranties helps minimize losses, further increasing profitability. The Xero integration has a real-time record-matching feature to show any export errors, which ensures that the inventory count is accurate and no orders are delayed.


Source A “total retail solution,” Vend is both an inventory management platform and a POS system capable of producing detailed reports on business performance. Users can process payments, discount or qualify certain products, file layaway orders, and provide refunds as store credit. They can even set up an entire eCommerce solution, complete with customer profiles and loyalty programs to encourage future business. With Vend’s inventory management features, individuals can change tax rates based on location, automate stock orders for popular products, import existing barcodes, and check supply, on- or offline. Integration with Xero Inventory, sales, account totals, and orders are all tracked and synchronized daily with Xero, so customers can see exactly how profitable each day was across all vendors. Vend maintains employee, client, and product records to protect from discrepancies involving order fulfillments or payment issues. The costs of goods are constantly updated to display accurate profits, preventing the need to manually adjust for changing prices.



Source Teampay is the first purchasing software built for fast-growing, technology-enabled businesses. The app empowers employees to request approval for purchases in real time, allowing companies to maintain control of spend. Virtual cards are issued upon approval, so employees can buy what they need on a card limited to the approved amount, frequency and vendor. With Teampay, all transactions are pre-approved and pre-coded, so you always know who spent what and why. Integration with Xero Teampay integrates with Xero to eliminate the manual work that used to go into reconciling corporate card statements and hunting down missing receipts. As soon as a transaction occurs on a virtual card, Teampay pulls all the rich data around the transaction into Xero. No more CSVs! The result is pre-coded, pre-approved transactions that appear automatically in Xero, so employees can take expense reports off their to-do list and go back to doing their jobs. Check out these integrations in the Xero app marketplace!