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End User Spotlight: Ryan, Chief of Staff at TrustToken

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One might not expect Ryan Rodenbaugh to be an enthusiastic advocate of finance software. As Chief of Staff at TrustToken, his day-to-day is pretty different from that of the finance team. He focuses less on company financials, and more on its employees and workspaces.

To do his job well, Ryan has to make a lot of purchases on behalf of the business. This requires adhering to finance processes and policies around spending company money, which was previously a roadblock to getting things done.

“It was really a hassle,” Ryan said of TrustToken’s former expense process. “We had to put things on our personal cards and then we’d have to use one of the expense apps to take a picture of the receipt, upload that, and wait for approval. It created a lot of work, anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour per week depending on how much you were spending.”

This was time Ryan could have otherwise put towards his actual job: developing new initiatives to support TrustToken employees. And now, he can.

“Teampay, streamlined everything about the expense and purchasing program here at TrustToken,” he said. Once a purchase is made, “we get an instant notification to make sure it checked out and then upload a receipt if necessary. Teampay made it so that you didn’t have to hold all this information in your head to submit it later. It’s much easier.”

Rather than requiring employees to log into yet another system, Teampay meets employees where they already are. 

“Slack is my spending hub,” Ryan shared. “I can go there to request funds, upload receipts, and check my card balance. And if there’s ever a dispute, it’s the one source of truth that I can look to, rather than having to go through my debit and credit statements for different cards.”

TrustToken uses Teampay to manage distributed spending

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Teampay’s Slack integration has helped Ryan in both the U.S. and abroad. Before moving to San Francisco, he lived throughout Asia as a member of TrustToken’s business development team.

“Teampay worked in every country that I went to: Hong Kong, China, Korea, Singapore, Philippines. I could see the notifications come through and everything was translated into U S dollars. It was very easy for me to understand how much I was spending.”

He continued, “I think it would have been very difficult to live in Asia for eight months if I had needed to put things like flights and hotels and client dinners on my personal card all the time. It’s fronting cash, and those things add up.”

Ryan thought back to the days before his time in Asia, when TrustToken started using Teampay.

“Our finance team announced they had rolled it out, and I was able to just go from there,” he recalled. “There was no learning curve. It just worked.”

And that hasn’t changed. “We don’t have to think about it,” Ryan said. “Teampay is super easy to use. It just works, and it’s sort of automagical in that sense.”

Ryan circled back to his role at TrustToken. Throughout all his endeavors, finding new and better ways to support employees is always top of mind.

“The culture at TrustToken is one of putting full trust into our teammates,” he said. “And I think Teampay fits into that.”  

Employees can decide what brand, software subscription, or airline flight makes the most sense for them, and then go out and buy it. With proactive controls in place, employees are empowered to buy the things they need, and finance can rest easy knowing that no one is spending over budget or outside of policy. 

By leveraging Teampay’s distributed spend management platform, TrustToken is placing trust back into the hands of their people. 

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