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End User Spotlight: Tianna, Office Manager at Teampay

For Teampay Office Manager Tianna Green-Munroe, creating the optimal environment for employees to do their jobs well is the name of the game. This includes managing everything from snacks and catering to office supplies and electronics—which means frequently making purchases for the company. Although it has been less than four months since she started at the company, Tianna has already used Teampay more than most employees.

She thought back to her first day at Teampay. “I was onboarded to the platform the same day I joined,” she recalled. “I was shown how to request a purchase through Slack by typing in a sentence, and the software guided me through the process of entering necessary information. After the training session, all I could say was ‘Wow, that was fast.’”

By lunchtime on her first day, Tianna had already successfully completed two purchases.

The process was a lot slower at her former company. In her previous role, Tianna used a physical card with an expense report app that required her to log into the app and submit expense reports after the fact. Without proactive controls in place, Tianna had to spend a lot of time filling out expense reports and explaining purchases she had made to the finance team.

“The buying process was complicated and there were constant issues that came up when I was trying to buy things.” 

Now, with Teampay, Tianna is able to get purchases pre-approved within minutes. “When I’m ready to buy something, I enter in all necessary information into Slack and it’s sent directly to my approver. My purchase request is typically approved quickly and I’m given a virtual card number.” From there, she can buy the things she needs, upload a receipt, and get on with her day.

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While nearly all employees use Teampay to make one-off purchases, Tianna uses the platform to make repeat purchases from the same vendors on a regular basis. She loves having cards on file for this use case. “It helps me stay organized,” she explained. “I have cards for different vendors and purposes: Amazon for office supplies, FreshDirect for snacks, etc.”

With cards on file, Tianna has full visibility into what she is spending with different vendors in each category, and can easily manage them with simple Slack commands. 

“It’s easy for me to control my virtual cards and delete any that are not necessary anymore,” she said. “If I had only one card for all expenses and get hit with an unexpected charge, I may be forced to cancel the card, which would cancel all other purchases and subscriptions.” 

Although most of her transactions are made online, Tianna does have a Teampaygo card for purchases made outside the office. “I recently went to the Container Store for some office supplies and used Teampaygo. As soon as I swiped it, I received a Slack message confirming that I made a purchase and it asked me to submit the receipt,” she said. “Slack is my spending hub for everything, and the experience is seamless regardless of the payment method.” 

Tianna is still in shock over how easy purchasing can be. “Now that I’ve used Teampay for a couple of months, I just keep thinking, ‘why didn’t my company use this?’ Actually, why don’t all companies use this?”