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The Financial Workplace of the Future (Deloitte)

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What’s propelling financial services?

A recent perspective piece from Deloitte details the ways that financial services organizations are being thrust, in some cases against their will, forward at a blistering pace. It’s not about preparing for innovative disruption anymore; that’s already happened, and it will keep happening.

Deloitte outlines how many companies must learn to not only improve performance, but sustain that improvement by sensing, leading, and extending their practices. This means embracing the pressures that are forcing progress by investing in your talent and leveraging relationships to create benefits that surpass the sum of the organizational parts.

Improvement must be continuous

Leaders are looking both inter-organizationally and intra-organizationally for solutions and data sources to remain at least one step ahead of disruption. Ten years ago it was about surviving a market disruption. Now, leaders must expect it and cater their strategies to accordingly.

Strong organizations improve performance by investing back into the workforce. With the rise of the gig economy and non-traditional labor forces, organizations should be developing better leaders. As more lower-level tasks are automated, raise your employees to think strategically. At the same time, look outside your organization to develop strategic partnerships to rapidly implement new capabilities that will help you remain current and agile.

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