What Shape of Marketer are You?

We are looking for our first full-time business hire in Marketing! As the Head of Marketing, you will be responsible for leading and executing on all of our Marketing efforts, both inbound and outbound. We are believers in the “T-shaped Marketer” description first described by Brian Balfour, and described in detail here by Buffer. You can see our version of desired expertise here: Teampay Marketing Lead This diagram is just a way to set expectations, not hard requirements. This early our specific marketing channels will evolve, and you may bring your own version of marketing martial art 🥋 to the mix. Some other, non-skill related attributes we’re looking for include:
  • Previous experience with B2B is necessary, and SaaS strongly preferred 💼
  • An informed and balanced opinion (not religion) about various mar-tech tools and marketing operations 🛠
  • A deep understanding of how marketing, product, customer success & sales work in tandem to deliver business results — there are no silos here 🤝
  • An understanding of the concept of category design, with previous experience preferred 👩‍🎨
  • The ability to treat growth as a process, and test + learn + iterate at breakneck speed 🚀
  • You work towards a “growth mindset,” including experience in the controlled chaos of a startup ⚛
Even though you may not fit the requirements to a “T” (pun intended), if you are interested we would encourage you to contact us. You are the first marketing hire in an early stage, fast-growing company. We’ve won incredibly passionate customers in our target market and will arm you with considerable resources to build awareness and grow the pipeline. As a member of the executive leadership team, you will spearhead our efforts to accelerate into what is a large, untapped addressable market. This is an unusual opportunity to join a business already with traction at the ground floor.


Moving Your Team from HipChat to Slack: Part One

    Working at Teampay Are you a builder that is passionate about crafting marketing strategy from scratch and having an impact? 🎯 You value curiosity, agility (both in thinking and doing), authenticity, and possess a strong work ethic. You have diverse interests outside of work but are ready to pitch in and be responsive when the pressure is on. Interested? You can learn more about the product at and if you’d like to apply, please send an email to apply at teampay dot co with three most admired B2B SaaS marketing efforts (could be yours or others) & why you chose those examples. About Teampay Teampay delivers smart purchasing for empowered teams. We help companies focus on growth, not overhead. Our products enable companies to request, approve and track spending in real-time. We believe in a workforce empowered by technology, released 🔓 from the torment of manual process, and offer our customers the ability to grow without bureaucracy. Despite being less than 9 months old, Teampay is already earning revenue 💰 and accelerating. The company is backed by venture investors (including CompoundPrecursor Ventures, KEC Ventures, CoVenture, among others) and angels, with offices conveniently located overlooking Madison Square Park in New York City.