Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Get real-time visibility into company spend

Teampay automatically syncs pre-coded, pre-approved transactions to Microsoft Dynamics 365


Reconcile purchase data in Dynamics 365 in real time

Our easy-to-use platform automates the entire purchasing process and automatically syncs all of your data to Dynamics 365 Business Central or Finance & Operations.


  • Transaction data is synced in real-time to Dynamics 365, ensuring error-free data
  • Close the books more efficiently each month with full visibility into who bought what and why
  • Two-way sync ensures you’re seeing the most accurate information in both systems

Stay on top of your organization’s spending

With Teampay all spend is pre-approved, and you’re in the know the moment a purchase happens.


  • Teampay automates the request and approval process and automatically issues the correct payment method for each purchase
  • Credit card transactions sync to Microsoft Dynamics 365 with granular details like receipt images and service dates for automated amortization
  • Quickly identify spend patterns and trends right in Teampay without having to pull reports from Dynamics 365

Track vendors and subscriptions with ease

Teampay keeps all of your vendors & subscriptions organized in one place. 


  • Teampay ensures your vendor data is clean by suggesting the correct vendor from your Dynamics 365 vendor list each time employees make a request
  • Teampay can also highlight variances, recognize new and recurring vendors, flag duplicates, set reminders and more.


Control spend before it happens

Teampay’s policy engine proactively enforces rules so you don’t have to.

  • The conversational interface guides employees through the purchasing process and helps them stay on policy

  • Granular controls on cards allow you to limit spend by user, department, vendor, office, and more
  • Detailed reporting helps you quickly recognize trends so you can adjust policy as necessary 

Download an overview of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration here