Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams + Teampay

Give your employees a world-class purchasing experience


Teampay brings an employee-friendly purchasing experience into Microsoft Teams, without sacrificing control and visibility for the finance team.


Guide employees through every step of the purchasing process

  • Conversational UI: Guide employees through the purchase request process within Teams
  • Automated workflows and notifications: Alert users in Teams to take the right action at the right time, expediting the entire process.
  • Controlled payments: Automatically issue payment methods within Teams, limited to the pre-approved amount and vendor


    Meet your employees where work happens

    • Drive adoption: Employees and managers can make and approve purchase requests, submit receipts and more without having to leave Teams
    • Ensure compliance: Teampay’s built-in policy engine automatically enforces the rules so you don’t have to
    • Ease-of-use: Employees can begin using Teampay right away, accessing the app within Teams with no training required and no new passwords to remember.



    Gain financial agility with real-time, actionable insights

    • Automated reconciliation: Automatically sync pre-coded transaction data to your general ledger – whether Dynamics 365 or another ERP – to save valuable time at month end
    • Committed spend & budgeting:  Understand what spend has been committed against the budget and make better decisions, faster
    • Reporting: Robust reporting capabilities within Teampay provide real-time spend insights for finance, managers, and employees alike.