Next Generation Finance

On-Demand Virtual Panel

Fresh Takes on Finance

Innovation thrives on new perspectives, and the finance department is no exception. Watch the On-Demand recording of our Next Generation Finance virtual panel for actionable tips and takeaways.

Ready to see first hand how software like Teampay can help your company modernize the way your spend works? Book time with our team to learn more.

    Even experts can use a refresh sometimes!

    Teampay’s very own finance team breaks down what it means to be the next generation in their profession, with actionable insights, thought starters, and takeaways. The team covers topics like:

    Feeling like your finance processes could use a little shaking up?

    Meet Our Speakers

    Andres Rivero

    Strategic Finance Associate

    Robyn Wertman


    Natalie Toh

    Finance Analyst

    Katie Harris

    Product Marketing Manager

    Beyond the Balance Sheet

    Teampay partnered with Kelton Global, A Material Company to survey 500 finance professionals about the challenges they face at work and the ways they hope to overcome them. Grab our Beyond the Balance Sheet Snapshot for a quick read before you dive into the Next Generation Finance recording.

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