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Beyond the Balance Sheet 2022: The Top Challenges Facing Finance Teams

Get an inside look at the challenges facing today’s finance professionals – and what it will take to overcome them.

Would you take a paycut in order to never have to deal with expense reports again?

You’ll be surprised how many people said yes. (Or maybe you won’t. Expense reports are the worst.) In 2022’s Beyond the Balance Sheet report, Material surveyed over 500 finance professionals to understand the top challenges they face – and 1,000+ knowledge workers to get their take on it. What we uncovered was shocking. For example:

  • 80% of finance professionals admit their current process for submitting expense reports is not as time efficient as it could be
  • 68% believe that employees are more likely to *not* follow protocols than to follow them when it comes to expense reports
  • Over half of knowledge workers say their company’s outdated finance processes have impacted their relationship with a vendor/supplier or client (54%)
  • 76% would assert their relationship with the finance department would improve if their company were to implement a new way to manage purchasing, expense, and procurement processes in an all-in-one system

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