Automate your purchase data from collection to reconciliation

Teampay's reconciliation workflow creates a seamless, touch-less process, automatically syncing pre-coded purchase data across your systems and analytics.
Teampay icons with a padlock in the middle to show the security that comes with the integration with QuickBooks
Capture precise, pre-coded purchase data upfront

Employees enter purchase details, including category and department, upfront as part of a pre-approval process, so you know all reconciled transactions were approved and have complete information. Employees are prompted to upload receipts the moment the transaction happens, so you never need to chase them down later.

Transaction data automatically syncs across systems

You don't need to do any manual data entry with Teampay with an automatic sync functionality.

“We went from a 90-100 page monthly AmEx statement to almost nothing now. Our biggest win has been getting employees off sharing corporate cards and onto Teampay.”
- John Chard, Finance at ConSensys

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